Hi guys!

My name is Rebecca, also known as Becca, but never Becky. I’m 20 years old and live in the great British seaside town of Brighton! (My hair is not naturally pink, but often changes colour quite frequently)

I am currently the full-time carer for my mother and an avid artist. I have been caring for my mum since the ripe old age of 8. Trust me its hard work! But in my spare time, I love to draw. Sometimes it’s portraits, sometimes it’s flowers, most of the time its games characters. Because I am one hell of a nerd. Marvel, Blizzard, DC. You name it I love it. They just set my heart on fire! My first ever true love was Lara Croft. Me and my mum used to sit in front of our PS1 for hours playing those games. Then I discovered Resident Evil. That’s when I fell in love with video games. (I still haven’t been able to complete Code: Veronica because of those damn controls!)

Anyway, if I’m not drawing or caring I am usually playing some game. (Normally Skyrim because that game just doesn’t get old!) I also love to crochet! my nan taught me how to crochet years ago and I have loved it ever since. I also enjoy reading. But because my hands are normally full, I listen to audiobooks. I just love a good crime thriller. and talking about that brings me to horror films! I adore them so much that I have a giant collection of them.

So if you see any of my posts it will probably be about, nerdy things, crafty things or spooky things!

Anyway, Social media time!

Facebook: Rebecca.Matless

if I get any new social media I will post them here!

See you around!