So… who am I? What am I? Do I even exist? Well I hope so otherwise that’d be pretty awkward.

I’m a 22 year old History & Politics graduate and spend my days finding people, offering them jobs then calling them up the next day when they haven’t done them.  But you don’t care about that.

I am a nerd, and a proud one at that. Star Wars, Doctor Who, D&D, and iZombie are things you’ll see me raving about, though I may write about anything – I’m a hippie where writing is concerned. My pen will go where my heart takes me. Silly at every moment I can get away with it, I am usually heard before I’m seen. So be warned if I’m ever let near a podcast.

Other than staring at a screen, in my free time you’ll find me getting involved at political protests, writing, singing or smothering someone else’s pet in affection in an attempt to usurp the owner as the Human Most Loved. Or talking. So much talking. I am heard before I’m seen. I will chat about anything – from whether true evil exists to if crabs think fish are flying.

I am heard before I am seen.

Twitter: @JamesKneen1

Instagram: @jimbokneen