Hello, my name is Lewis

Here is a bit about myself:

  • I am 24 years old, my birthday is the 22nd of January!
  • I suffer from a mental disability called Autism, and I Blog about it on my own Blog, sometimes.
  • I love music, television, films, books, sports, seeing friends, motorbikes etc.
  • I hate rude and nasty people, even people who criticised me in my life
  • I work five days a week in a DIY Factory as a Waste Disposal Technical Operator and spend my time taking waste materials and cardboard to a machine and crush them down into bales of rubbish.
  • I also have two volunteer jobs throughout the year, working with children in a Beaver Scout Group nearly every week, and I love having all sorts of fun with them, and also over the Summer and at Christmas, I also love touring with my local Brass Band by supporting and going to Carnivals and Festivals with them.

Even though I Blog about Autism normally, I like to review music, films and books, really, not much about TV, as I am not really into watching the big shows going around, but I like to stick to those things. I am welcome to do joint reviews with others, if anyone wants me too. I am happy to arrive here and to share thoughts with other people, and despite I have Autism, I do intend to mess things up, without meaning to, and I apologise in advance if anything I said is all unintentionally wrong, and I will keep trying to put things right.

You can follow me on Twitter: @lewcarty

And follow me on Instagram: lewisclancarty

And my Blog: lewisclancartysautismfriends.wordpress.com