Talking about yourself? It’s not easy on the internet.

My name is Chelsea, I’m 20 and I’m currently just floating through life until I find my true calling – or a job that I actually enjoy. I currently work in a small shop in my village for a few hours a week, so I have lots of time for my hobbies.

I’m a lover of many things. Some of them are quite varied and probably even juxtapose if you think about it hard enough!

Marvel has been a part of my life since I was really young – seeing X-Men in a bar in Greece probably started me off on this journey. Now I’m obsessed with all things Marvel – MCU, X-Men, Comics, you name it! Then there’s Star Wars, which I’ve also loved for a long time, drawn to the strong female characters, costumes and obviously the space elements.

My love of fashion and anything to do with aesthetics ties in with my love of movies – I’m also really interested in art and photography. One thing I’m working on at the minute is a roleplay blog on Tumblr, where I write my original character – but I also make character icons, edits and graphics on Photoshop. I take requests for these on my personal Tumblr blog and on WordPress.

I hope to write about things that incorporate my interests, but also about games that I’m playing and films and shows that I have watched. I’d like to talk about anything geeky, mixing it up with posts about fashion, lifestyle, food and tattoos. If you think there’s anything I should write about, let me know – I’d love to hear your ideas and input.

If you’d like to contact me on other forms of social media, I’ve provided links below! Bit of shameless self promotion, really.

Instagram: winterboners

Pinterest: winterboners (this is honestly my pride and joy, come and talk to me on here about character aesthetics!)

Tumblr: winterboners