So, here’s the bit where I let you in on my personal secrets…

My name is Tonicha and this year I graduated University with a BA (Hons) degree in Popular Music Performance. You might ask then why am I sat here writing and not singing…(I’ll get to that).

During the day, I assist with Social Media, from creating content to publishing and monitoring (starting to see a pattern yet?). During my evenings, I am normally managing my own social media and just writing songs or notes.

Truth be told I just love everything about creative content and social media, just the thought of putting thoughts onto paper (in this case an online article) just makes me smile a little.

Although I didn’t properly discover Disney until my college days, I am a massive Disney fan and one-day hope to meet Stitch in person to get a hug.  But when I am not fantasising about going to Disney with my boyfriend (which we worryingly do a lot) then I am watching way too much TV and the same goes with Films. I have pretty much watched most of the Netflix catalogue (Breaking Bad, Suits, iZombie… you name it and I’ve probably watched it) and the good U.S Catalogue. So, when I am not writing about music, talking about comics, Expos or daily life, then you can catch me discussing my latest binge watch.

Besides being a proud nerd/geek, I’m always trying to be independent but tend to lean on my family during the hard times. In return, I let them do the same. I feel we all need a shoulder to cry on sometimes, only then can we come up with the best solution. This includes taking a mental health day with Netflix as a trusting companion.

Any questions about anything I write, to get more opinions or just generally seeking for a friendly ear to discuss (insert own topic here) then feel free to head over to my many social media channels, as I’m usually not away from it for long. Just like Moana with the sea, social media calls to me.

Twitter: @TLPMusic_
Instagram: @Tonichalacey
Facebook: @TonichaPhillips
(As you can see I like to mix it up a little)