What to write about myself? Hmm…

Okay.. so. I’m Sammeh. I’m a 2016 Multimedia Journalism graduate and a current MA Creative Advertising student, I’ve just finished my final major project on coffee advertising! (It’s not as great as it sounds, but I have lost count of the coffee consumed!)
That’s the boring stuff over and done with. I’m a film enthusiast who loves to watch indie and out of the box films. I love all things Disney and Studio Ghibli, maybe slightly too much for someone aged 23 but hey!

I love TV too! I’m such a couch potato and I wish I had more time to watch things! My faves at the mo are Riverdale, Elementary and Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


I am a bath-bomb addict! I love experimenting with new brands and unusual blends and scents of bath bombs, and you’ll find loads of reviews on the ones I’ve tried on Quixotic!

In case you didn’t guess already, I go on a bit of a ramble about things and end up talking about a lot of rubbish, so please bare with me, sometimes I talk something useful!

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I’m overly optimistic, I love my friends, my family and my pain in the arse, Chris, I don’t know where I’d be without them, but I can guarantee I wouldn’t be the optimist I am today without them by my side.

So, what will I write about? Probably something filmy, but I will probably dab into a bit of experience writing, so something to help someone who’s been in a position I have before, anything really! Any suggestions hit me up! Feel free to contact me as you please, your views are just as important to me as my writing is.

In short… I’m short, narcissistic and an emotional journalist who loves to be arty and adores her friends and boyfriend. Not much else to me really…
Twitter: @Sahmanfaah
Instagram: @sahmanfaah
Personal Blog: @sahmanfaah
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