Hi, I’m Lyd. I’m a 20 year old English student and my posts will reflect a few things that are central to my life:

  1. Books– In case the English student bit wasn’t a giveaway, I’m a big fan of books. I can’t wait to tell you all my thoughts and reflections on a whole range of genres and authors.
  2. Yoga– When my heads not in a book, it’s trying to reach the floor in a forward bend. As President of the yoga society, I love yoga and I wish to broadcast this love to you all.
  3. Mental Well being- Mental health is important. We all need to focus on it more and I want to help bring this focus. I will be discussing my own experiences as well as some useful coping mechanisms to ensure that you have a happy and balanced mind.
  4. University- Uni is meant to be one of the best times of your lives. And sometimes it is, but sometimes it’s not. I want to provide a truthful evaluation of the University experience, from the good, the bad and the ugly.

I think that’s me about summed up. I hope you enjoy reading what I’ve got to say and please feel free to message me if you wish to discuss anything I blog about.

You can reach me on Facebook here:, Instagram under ‘lydia_adamsw’, or email at