Hey there! My name is Jamie-Lee, either Jamie or Jamie-Lee is fine! I am currently 18 years old and will be for another month (scary!!) when I reach my final year of being a teenager. This is mah face:img_5104.jpg

I have just finished my second, and hopefully final, year of college where I studied Psychology, Sociology and Drama, I also studied Criminology in which I gained a certificate in said subject. I am now going to be working for a year before hopefully going onto university to study Musical Theatre! I live in good ol’ Wales where we currently have heavy rain as our summer (how fun), no I cannot speak Welsh fluently and no I cannot pronounce the longest place name, no matter how much I’ve tried.

Speaking of work, I currently have two jobs, one being in a music shop and the other helping people with learning disabilities. My first job was in a chip shop and let me tell you, for me it was horrific. The majority of customers were understanding but you would always get those customers every shift that would expect fresh fish to be cooked for them in a matter of seconds or to give you the famous responses, a few examples being:

  • “Do you want salt and vinegar?” “Yes please.” *puts some salt on the food* “Oh no, not on that one.”
  • “Do you want it wrapped?” “Yes please.” *gets to the final stage of wrapping* “Oh I wanted it in a tray.” And my all-time favourite:
  • “Do you want it wrapped or in a tray?” “Yes.”

I left there earlier this year and then applied and had an interview for the job as a support worker and I have not missed it one bit.

A fun fact, I am a massive fan of Disney and musicals, which means I am singing songs pretty much 24/7. My favourite Disney film is ‘Beauty and the Beast’ because as a child who frequently had her nose in a book, I related a lot to Belle (minus the attraction to a beast) as I was made fun of for being such a bookworm, thus being labelled “swot” or “teacher’s pet”. As for the musicals side, I have so many favourite musicals, but my all-time favourite has to be Heathers, not only is the soundtrack absolutely amazing, but it portrays high schools in America to a tee. The basis of it, as I describe, is it’s like Mean Girls, but with murder, based on the ’80s film starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater.

As I have previously hinted towards, I am a Thespian, which means as a hobby I get on stage and I sing, dance and act, although admittedly I am a better singer and actor than I am a dancer, but I’m working on it! It is my goal and dream to get into a university or school for Performing Arts and someday perform on West End and, if I have enough luck, Broadway. I just have such a passion for pretending to be someone else for a performance and to be able to put all my emotions into a performance that can make an audience laugh, cry or sympathise with my performance.

So, moving onto what I will be contributing! I am here to bring you honest reviews of makeup, drugstore and high end, and to give you either a stamp of approval or disapproval, in my opinion. Obviously though, do not go based on these opinions as makeup works differently for different people, that’s the beauty of it! Along with this, I will be providing, hopefully, live swatches of products so that you can see yourself the pigment/colour of a product and whether you think it is worth it! I will also be making posts about my favourite/go to products that I tend to reach for whenever I have a night out planned or just for an every day look!

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And with that, I am signing out! Stay beautiful lovelies!

Jamie xo