It's Alan's face

Hello there, I’m Alan.

So, I’ve just been informed by Sammeh that I have to write a bit more about myself, so here we go…

So first off, I’m a Game Development (Indie) student just about to go into my 3rd year, I’m 21 and am in the process of starting my own business in… (well I mean if it’s not game design then I feel like I’d be in the wrong place) Game Design!

I’m a rather large nerd: I play games on my PC and my beautiful Nintendo Switch (of which I almost am marrying at this point), I watch a rather extensive amount of Anime and Netflix, I’m into the superhero genre of TV and films especially (I’m sure you’ll hear me rambling about that) and finally I’m getting into Audio Books and Audio Plays.

I have two dogs, two sisters (both evil), a brother, three cats, a mum, a dad. I like to ramble.

I’ll mostly be writing about the anime I’m watching, games I’m playing, stuff that’s going on in my life and my opinion on things.

I suppose in short I’m a huge nerd with no redeemable features, except two dogs… But none the less, I hope you’ll listen to my ramblings and will be interested in my opinions and thoughts.



Scrufflelots (that company thing I’m doing)

My Anime List