Lewis’ Album Reviews: ‘Villains’ By Emma Blackery

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Album Information

Album Title: Villains

Artist: Emma Blackery

Genre: Pop

Label: Self-Released

Release Date: 31st August 2018


Hello, folks, Lewis Carty is back, after such a long time and have been busy, with work and having a few problems with Mental Health news and stuff too, but I am back with another review for the recent album by Emma Blackery: called Villains.

This album was released on the 31st August 2018, and for many people, it was the most hyped album of 2018, in the YouTubers world. After the release of Carrie Hope Fletcher’s album, When The Curtain Falls, was released on 30th March 2018, which was a really good album that she released, despite that it was mostly musical songs, and some I haven’t heard before, I was hyped for it, but it didn’t feel like it was talked about that much, but since this one came out, I was looking forward to hearing this album once it came out, and it had a very diverse listen among the fans, some say they like it, some say they didn’t, but I personally enjoyed it.

Before I talk about this album, I like to talk about Emma Blackery’s EP’s briefly, Distance, Perfect, Sucks To Be You and Magnetised, these EP’s were very good and measured well to be very good music for a YouTuber. Distance is by far my favourite EP by her, out of all of them, however, and all the others have really good songs on them, but unfortunately, Magnetised, was not the best of them all, for me, but at least it is enjoyable to listen to, despite that half of the songs weren’t very interesting to me from that EP, but all in all, the EP’s are brilliant and very well done for a YouTuber.

Thoughts On The Album And Track Listing

Now let’s talk about the album:

I do like the album art, I appreciate what Emma Blackery is going for here, I love how the tones of red differ from light to dark, and the fact that Emma is looking down at the person who either bought or downloaded or streamed the album in due course, well at least that’s the impression I get, anyway.

We start with ‘Villains Pt.1′ as the album’s opening song, and I do love how it goes. It feels like that this song is one of the best starters to this album and gives us a great start of what to expect from this album. The next song is ‘Dirt’ which was the first single from the album, and this one took a while to grow on me, but I think it’s incredibly done. It really has a great sample pattern and a good back beat as well, it’s incredible. Next, we are on the song ‘Agenda’, which is a good song to get through as a whole, but there is a gripe on the song that annoys me a bit. If you want to use a chant after the chorus ends, that’s absolutely fine, particularly if it’s something to give it a little more effect and prominence to the song, no problem whatsoever, but this one, I feel that it starts strong, but falls flat as the three A… A… A’s kick in. It’s not a bad song, but that part just don’t work for me.

Fake Friends‘, which comes after that, this song picks up the album and this is where I think we are rolling more, and I love this song, because I feel that I this one is really spaced out, and it also feels like Emma Blackery has grown up and doesn’t make her songs sound very teenagery and more of a grown up. ‘Icarus‘, which follows next, it is a great song to start of slow, and it builds up, towards the end and this song is pretty good as a single. Then it is ‘ Take Me Out’, it also is a great pop song and I feel that one of the best pop songs here, and I really enjoy this one. I feel that this was good as a single.

Now we are on ‘Petty’, now this song feels like one of Emma Blackery’s teenage sounding songs, but no, it feels more grown up and doesn’t sound like that, but the lyrics, I thought it was a teenage song, but I feel that it doesn’t. Now I come on to my personal favourite song on the album, and I think it’s everyone’s favourite song on this album, from many other reviews I have seen, which is ‘Third Eye‘, which I am surprised this wasn’t a single, but I hope it does become a single. This song has everything going for it, the lyrics, the instrumentation, the vocals, the samples, everything, and I love it, because I think it is related to everyone, for people who have the Third Eye, as the saying goes, and this is fantastic. Now on to ‘What I Felt With You’, which feels closer to a song by possibly Taylor Swift or Katy Perry, maybe, a little bit, but I am not sure. This song is alright, but I also like to say, this song is good, for many different samples in the instrumentation.

The last two songs now, ‘Burn The Witch‘, and this song, I like how it starts, with Emma Blackery’s low pitched vocals in the verses, and then brings it out on the chorus, it makes the song sound very sinister and very enjoyable to the listener. Then ‘Villains Pt. 2‘, which I do enjoy as a song, and I like how it ends, but I feel that it doesn’t really join with ‘Pt. 1′ as much and there is one bit of it near the end, where Emma’s vocals build up and screams ‘Yeah’ and the final chorus and it kind of takes me out of it and I don’t mind when a singer’s vocals go higher and I like falsetto in songs, but Emma’s vocals can’t go that high to do that, but you get used to it though, it’s fine.

Final Thoughts

This album, well, it’s a fine pop album, and it’s a pop album that’s done well and brilliantly and this album is definitely more grown up and doesn’t stray into the very teenage and sometimes immature stuff that is on her EPs, even though I enjoy them too. I definitely will listen to this album quite regularly and enjoy it, and I don’t feel that it’s terrible or monotonous like most pop albums are these days, and it feels more spaced out and all done well.

I am giving this rating a straight: 9/10

Thanks for lot for reading this, and if you like to follow me on Twitter and Instagram, I’d be more than grateful. I know it’s took me a long time to do this review and I am glad I have finished it for you. It’s difficult, when you got so much going on.

I have other reviews due to come soon and also a special on ‘How Do I Review Albums?’ which will be coming soon, and some other bits and pieces that will be done soon. It might take a while to do them all, but I am trying my hardest to get things done, as much as possible.

Thank you for reading this and I will see you soon on the Quixotic Group!

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