The World’s Smallest Disco – LUSH Bath Bomb Review

Alrighty, so I had a massive lush haul and thought I’d try out a few of their Christmas bathbombs, because if you know me, baths and Christmas are two of my very favourite things, so when they’re blended together, it’s normally a win win situation.

This week I thought I’d try out The Worlds Smallest disco bath bomb and I can say I was pleasantly surprised, at least before the water went down the drain leaving me with a stained bathtub. No thank you.

I wish I’d read reviews before I ordered this one because seriously it’s not worth the stress of having to scrub the bath after you’ve just spent time relaxing in it. Lush, sort out this design flaw ’cause people are pissed!

However, dirty rims aside, this bathbomb was gorgeous when it hit the water, very shimmery and had a nice amount of colour to product ratio, not entirely overbearing for a dark coloured bath. Not entirely what I’d call a disco but hey, it works and is great for this Christmas/ Halloween crossover period.

It’s quite an overpowering scent though I would say, very citrusy and almost like a sugary sweet, maybe sherbet lemons? I’m not sure, either way it’s not really my kind of bath smell but I can see why people will find it appealing! Lasts a long time so it’s great at masking that bleachy smell I had to use to clean the bath after, so I guess it makes up for something?

At £5.25 for one bath I was kinda expecting more from this, but for a one off treat (with extra scrubbing) it’s okay I guess? Not making my top five but it’s not the worst lush product I’ve tried! Naturally you can buy it online or in store up until Christmas! Let me know what you think! 😊