Moving up and out!

From the steady gates of education to the new adventures beyond. Many people after university take a while to find a path they are happy with, some are fortunate and manage to find it straight after. However, like me some struggle in a job they’re not passionate about.

I went from 2 internships to a full time job in a call centre. With a call centre job you have to be good at talking to people and knowing that although frustrated, their issues aren’t with you personally, they just want help. However, my calling is more in social media, so needless to say I’m quite excited about my new job as it combines the two.

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For someone who’s not laid back this was probably the most stressful bit, after getting offered the job (and of course immediately accepting) I was overwhelmed with a course of emotions from happy, to shocked, to how am I going to get everything done in a week. Even still it hasn’t really sank in yet…I had to find a place, pack everything, fix my car, all whilst working until the end of my full time job. And even worse until my car was fixed there was no way I could really pack until the night before.

So as you can imagine the night before I didn’t really talk to anyone much other than my mum (who I couldn’t thank more) for helping my literally get my s*** ..I mean, stuff, together.


The place;

I’ve been with my other half for almost 4 years, we’ve always wanted to take the next step and live together but mainly timing and distance got in the way. I met him back in my first year of university I started messaging him just out of the usual “bugger I don’t know anyone going, let’s just talk”. I then forgot to reply for months. It was only when I decided to push myself to attend one of the societies I’d signed up for ‘The Doctor Who’ society and then we just ended up chatting for hours talking about music, and all things geekdom however whilst talking we didn’t realise we’d actually met online before. It was only until after I went back to my halls and have the agonising do I text him did I realise I hadn’t replied in months, so why not start with a funny “haha so I didn’t message you back line”. From long distance and celebrations cut to almost 4 years later and that brings us to us finally living together. So far it’s been lovely, cooking for each other, enjoying each other’s company and just the safety of knowing I don’t have to get up the next morning, say goodbye and drive 3 hours.

There’s still a few things to sort out like my car, unpacking the last few bags, and actually starting my first day but other than that at least for now the wait was worth it. I can certainly say I’m settling into adult life.

Taken from inside Odeon Cinema