5 Things We Know About The New Season Of American Horror Story

Okay so if you don’t already know me, or didn’t read my stuff from around this time last year, you need to know something about me. I love American Horror Story. Like, on some kind of weird level, my boyfriend Chris and I watch it like religiously and talk about theories and what not for so long after we’ve watched an episode.

So, when it was announced that the UK premier was a whole 2 week after the US one… um, no? That’s not on… but it got me looking into what the new series was gonna be about and what had already been released. Warning, there may be a few spoilers from the premier, but if I had to read them… so do you. (Since starting this post I have watched the first episode and I can safely say, you gotta watch it!) 

Oh and here’s the trailer for you to have a little glimpse at, doesn’t appear to tell us too much from the off, but it’s likely told us everything we need to know, we just don’t know it yet.

I’m also not gonna bore you with the whole, omg it’s a Murder House and Coven crossover stuff for too much of this because well… it’s a given now and that would be just  boring.

So, lets get on with it, what do we already know about Season 8?

1; Apocalypse 

Alrighty I know this is a given too but if you’ve just watched/re-watched the trailer, it’s a given that the whole series is gonna be pretty much “omg we’re all going to die” “this is the end of the world” kinda drama and with the prem being titled “The End” it’s gonna pretty much go downhill from the first title sequence.

Speaking of which…

2; The famous title sequence 

Alright, this is a spoiler if there ever was one, but… it’s not like you’re not gonna see it in a week anyways and I totally already Googled it before typing up this anyways. Just look at it. Completely links to my theory about AHS babies which I’ll probably be roped into writing up at some point soon anyways, and hey… don’t forget, if it’s a Coven Murder House cross over, it’s gonna mean one thing… Tate and Vivian’s baby, Michael, should be making an appearance!

You guessed it… which leads me to this….

3. Casting! 

Not only are some of our AHS family back once again but we’ve got some newbies too!

One of which actually being cast as Michael Langdon! Played by Cody Fern who you’ll know from House of Cards and American Crime Story, and looking at some of these promo shoots, he deffo fits the bill, can’t you just see he’s Tates baba/The Antichrist which is probably gonna fuck shit up.. but hey!

Returning stars to mention are the beauties that have made every season so far, Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, with some returning faves such as Cheyenne Jackson, Kathy Bates and Billie Lourd. How big a role they’ll have is yet to be said but if it’s the cross over we’re all expecting then Paulson and Peters deffo have their work cut out playing two if not three characters each!


Oh and the QUEEN of AHS is back; Jessica Lange is due to revise her role as Constance Langdon, YAS.

Oh, speaking of queens…

4. Scream Queens… 

The rumour is that Emma Roberts is back as her Scream Queens character, Chanel Oberlin and that she’s making an appearance in AHS: Apocalypse… Imagine Chanel and Maddison Montgomery in the same room, well, bunker? Let’s not even begin to imaging the drama!

But let me just leave this image here for you to ponder:

Source: TeenVogue

5. The Witches are coming… oh boy! 

Okay so I said it wouldn’t be a big mention in the post but omg am I excited! I can safely say they’re not in the first episode but that really doesn’t mean they’re not on their way, because just look! The only question is, are they going to help things or just (in true AHS way) f*ck sh*t up.


Wait, hang on… is that Leslie Grossman? Are we expecting two characters from her too!? We can only hope!

5. Sarah Paulson will direct… 

I love it when this happens in series, where a cast member takes to directing an episode, they always seem to have so much attention to detail (not that AHS doesn’t already have some crazy details!), remember that Pretty Little Liars episode that Troian Bellisario directed? It’s almost like one of the characters is controlling the direction of the story, which is great! What’s more great, is this is the episode that Jessica Lange is rumoured to be returning as Murder House’s fave; Constance Langdon. I wonder how the relationship between her and the said anti-christ baby, Michael, is now. Only time will tell.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 10.48.25
Source: Instagram

Regardless of what happens, I am so excited for this whole season, I just wanna binge watch all of the other seasons like, right this second. But maybe I’ll just re-watch Murder House and Coven!