LUSH – Holey Night Bath Bomb

It’s been a fair amount of time since I even used a new bath bomb, let alone wrote about it! So, with that all important Christmas period returning soon, there’s no time like the present to get back into the swing of things and review a few of those Christmas gems, just in time for them to fill your Christmas stockings!

Although, this ones from the Christmas range at LUSH, I’ve picked it first because I’m just about to watch the first episode of Season 8 of AHS and it really reminds me of the last season’s promos! Take a look:


So what do you think? Even so! Back to business, Holey Night!

Remember my fave ever bath bomb, rocket science? 🚀 I can’t help but draw similarities from that when looking at the colours, I mean, it’s blue and yellow on the outside that really does look like one of our classic faves.

Until we get to the core of things, when it lets out that festive red, which gives a depth to the blue bath water that’s being created from this bath bomb. Certainly the colours are appealing and gives off an aqua topaz vibe. Especially nice before the cloudy bubble remains disappear and leave a solid blue behind.

As for the smell, it’s subtle and to me smells almost soapy, it’s not as strong as the other bath-bombs I have ready to go but it’s not sickening like other scents that I’ve reviewed before! This is deffo one for a more mature bath bomb lover who lives for more floral smells over say, bubble gum, *cough* me *cough*, as the Rose smell is quite noticeable above anything with subtle lemon hints too. Personally for me, it doesn’t appear to be as smelly as I had hoped, considering how aesthetically pleasing as it’s outside suggests.

But, having said that, it’s something I’d likely buy again, or be happy with receiving as a present! I know one of my friends would completely love this for Christmas! But I wonder who 🤔

You can buy yours here online for £4.25 or at majority of LUSH stores in the run up to Christmas, but it is limited edition so be quick!