Favourite Songs That Tell Stories Relating To Me: ‘Secret Crowds’ by Angels And Airwaves

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Hey, guys, it’s Lewis here. It’s been a while, I know, but I am back again, and I am back with something, that wasn’t originally on my schedule, but I want to get this out and explain why this song is related to me.

As many people in the group know I am Autistic, and I found out about this song earlier this summer, while there has been all this Autism related news going around, and most of it has been so horrible, that you won’t believe what has been said. And that’s why this song is so relatable to this subject and a good song to spread awareness with.

However, this song was released from Angels & Airwaves’ second studio album ‘I-Empire’ released in 2007, after releasing their debut, ‘We Don’t Need An Answer’ in 2006, and strangely enough, I have heard of this band, but never really listened to any of their work before. I haven’t really listened to their work as of being a Blink-182 fan, growing up, because Tom DeLonge, the lead vocalist of Angels & Airwaves was in Blink-182 before it was a thing. However, I kind of felt that Blink-182 split up very similarly to how Busted did, when Charlie Simpson left to work with Fightstar, but the split was slightly different, as Tom DeLonge originally left the band after not feeling committed to their touring arrangements and stuff, and Angels & Airwaves came as a new way to delve into new influences and find a new direction, and then returned to Blink-182 in 2009, despite doing the Angels & Airwaves ‘Love’ collection, in 2010-11, the same with Blink-182’s ‘Neighborhoods’ in 2011, too, and then soon afterwards, Tom DeLonge was kicked out of Blink-182, in 2014, because of not being committed to more stuff in the band, soon to be replaced by Matt Skiba, of Alkaline Trio fame, and carried on with Angels & Airwaves anyway, releasing ‘The Dream Walker’ in the same year. I do like the early Blink-182 stuff, but Angels & Airwaves is still quite new to me, so I haven’t heard all their albums yet, but I just put their album names as part of their history.

So let me explain why this song is related to me, and why it’s a Disability Awareness song:

‘Secret Crowds’ by Angels & Airwaves, and why is it related to me?

I first heard about ‘Secret Crowds’ in late June of this year, and that was when a lot of this Autism stuff was going around. I first discovered it on a YouTube video, ’10 Songs That Hit 10-Years Old In 2018′ from ARTV, (he is worth checking out) and I liked how the chorus went, so I checked it out, and I thought of how good it is.

This song saved me from a lot of things in that time, like being angered about the stuff that have been going around about Autism and how horrible most of the news has been from my perspective, including the news of many Autistic school children being excluded by many schools in the UK, however I thought it was wrong, because I believed that it never happened to me and I never got excluded from school, because of being Autistic.

In my view of this song, the verses open with ‘If I had my own world,’ I think personally that I wish that I could have a better place for all the Autistic people and help to understand them better, and everything like that, and I always interpret the verses in that way.

The chorus is the best part of the song, with the first line of it being, ‘Let me feel you, carry you higher’, makes me think of how angry this Autism stuff has made me, and then I thought to bring myself up and give it out to someone, and then, ‘Watch your words spread hope like fire’, makes me think that I tell someone about how I feel about this Autism stuff and soon they tell other people, and then ‘Secret Crowds rise up and gather’ makes me think that those ‘Secret Crowds’ are the people who have been told by that person who I told about how I felt and those people are helping to spread the awareness and then in the last line, ‘Hear your voices sing back louder’ makes me think that those people are going to tell others about it and they will continue on doing it like a cycle, if that makes sense?

This song is so powerful, especially at the end, when the chorus is repeated four times, (three times in the Music Video) and I think it is amazing that this song is a great way to discuss Disability and Mental Health Awareness to everyone.

Final Thoughts

I always loved this song since I heard it, and I definitely recommend to anyone who is struggling with anything Disability or Mental Health Issue, like I do sometimes, but I have a very special place in my heart for this song and despite that Angels And Airwaves gets a lot of hate from Blink-182 fans, they are amazing and well worth a listen. This song is definitely the best of what I heard so far and I hope they will continue with making music in the future and this is definitely the best song I ever heard from this band.

Well, thanks a lot for reading this blog, if you like to follow me on Twitter and Instagram, the usernames are below. I hope to be better in upcoming Podcasts, depending on when I am free as well. If you have any suggestions on how to improve my presentation I am all ears. Below, I will put a list of reviews that are going to come next, and there are only going to be four, and I will do another Favourite Songs That Tell Stories Relating To Me as well, including a new series for classic albums that are loved by millions of people around the world, including me, since they released them before I was born.

Here are the upcoming reviews coming soon:

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I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope you enjoy what is coming next from me. It’s took me a while, but I hope to see you soon on the Quixotic Group! I am Lewis, and I will see you next time!

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