Sharp Objects; Review


I’ll be honest, I started writing this about two weeks ago when this series hadn’t finished, I stopped writing it because I couldn’t quite put into words what I thought about it. After watching the finale, I can safely say, I have a LOT more to say about this than I once did. It’s going to be tough to actually put what I think into words, but I’ll give it my best shot!

I was a little apprehensive to watch this show as I have the book sitting there on my shelf ready to be read, but with Amy Adams taking the lead, as an alcoholic journalist, it kinda seemed too good not to throw myself into the drama that is Camille Preaker’s life.

I’ll be honest, it’s a little slow. Like, the Gone Girl kinda slow. I mean, it’s expected due to both books being written by the same author, Gillian Flynn, but this 8 Episode series will grip you, sorta. Okay, I’ll properly focus and re-watch them all again before the penultimate episode next week so we’ll see if that sorta becomes a certainty.

Okay, so let me paint a bit of a picture for you. Camille is a reporter and returns to her home town to investigate into the disappearance of two young girls, one of which is later found dead, presumed to be murdered. Which leaves Amy Adam’s first small screen appearance looking at her own past, the death of her sister, her relationships with her family and the general mysteriousness of the town she grew up in, leaving her connecting strangely with the young, missing girls that drew her back to her roots.

Like I said, the first 6 or so episodes were a little bit of a slow burning start, but like a lot of things I end up watching, once the second to last episode absorbs into my eyes, I’m literally sat there counting the hours until the next episode.

I can safely say, this series will truly grip you, and you’ll likely end up after the final words spoken, mouth wide open and almost gasping for air. (My boyfriend saw my face once the penny dropped, he can confirm that I was completely shook.)

What I will say, is this mini-series comes with an extreme trigger warning. It’s a tough watch at points, it’s quite a sensitive subject covering series, with the likes of self harm, murder and dead children being the main themes throughout.

Honestly, I would recommend this series though, I’ve convinced my mum to watch it and my boyfriend too!


If you’ve watched Sharp Objects, let me know your spoiler free thoughts in the comments or on our social media!