These Hand-made Cosmetic Bags Are A 90s Kid’s Dream

Okay so this is a little of me completely wetting myself with excitement and a little promotion for Quixotic’s close friend, but dear readers, we know you’ll fall in love with them, just as much as we did!

Let me introduce, Miranda, aka Dawn of the Thread. She’s a sewing machine genius and quite frankly, my new favourite person. Just take a look at these beautiful hand-made makeup bags, all made out of up-cycled fabrics and sheets! (Or just keep scrolling!)

Quixotic loved these products so much that we decided to do a little research into Miranda’s work and where the inspiration for Dawn of the Thread came from.

Naturally, we wanted to ask where the initial idea for Dawn of the Thread came from and why she started her business; 

I started the business because I follow some amazing people on Instagram and I have some beautifully made products as a result of that. I prefer to buy things that are special or unique to an individual person, I’ve managed to get some things that appeal to my character more than products I could buy in stores through sites like Instagram and Etsy and I wanted to really give my spin on things a shot. 

I hadn’t sewn in a very long time, so I did worry that I wouldn’t be able to sew to the standard needed but with a bit of practice and some support at home, I went for it.


How did you come up with your name and logo?

The brand name and the logo were born out of a conversation between my boyfriend, Scott, and I. Both of us love Shaun of the Dead and I love horror movies (Scott doesn’t!). We decided to play around with names, before coming up with Dawn of the Thread, we did play around with a few other names, but we kept coming back to this one, so we stuck with it. 

The logo idea of the hand and the fabrics was to play on the Living Dead theme, bursting through a pile of materials. It’s very fun and I think it really fits the brand. Thankfully, my boyfriend is far better with a computer than I ever will be so he designed the website and logo for me. 


Where did it start? What was your first ever design? 

I learnt to sew when I was very young with my Nan, I can remember sitting with her for hours in the summer holidays in her cutting room. I could watch her for hours and what she created amazed me. 

We used to make little bags and dresses together all the time. The first piece I made when I got back at the sewing machine was a 101 Dalmatian bag from some bedding. I like to think that she’d be proud of what I’m doing now with the skills she taught me.

Don’t worry Miranda, I’m sure she would be!  


I know you probably shouldn’t have favourites, but what’s your favourite piece so far?

My favourite piece changes all the time, last week it was the Toy Story piece that I made with Woody on one side and Buzz on the other. I made it for the only person that loves the franchise as much as my niece and nephew do. I then created a piece that was a Super Mario Bros. bag, which brought out the Nintendo gamer within me. I’ve played Nintendo for as long as I can remember and I own a switch too! Super Mario and the six golden coins is one of my favourite games of all time, so it holds a nostalgic place in my heart. I’d love to make more game inspired items but gaming fabric is so hard to come by! 


You have so many designs, where does your inspiration come from? 

I get a lot of support from those around me which is amazing. I don’t always see a design straight away, it can come to me a couple of weeks later when I’m going through my fabric cupboard. I didn’t think I could do anything with those Toy Story sheets until I realised the faces are iconic enough to mean I didn’t have to fit the whole print on to make a design work. 


So what does the future hold for Dawn of the Thread; 

Near future?

I’m currently working on a Build-A-Bag feature (which is now live here!), which allows people to choose every element of the bag; from the stitching right through to the main feature. I’m excited about it because not only will I get to make something completely personal but it will allow people to create a design that I may not see.

I also really want to make dog coats, which sounds crazy I know, but I have a pug and I just think he’d look so awesome trotting down the road in a Small Soldier coat or something. Other than that I’d love to get some Jurassic Park material as it was one of my favourite movies growing up and I’ve just read the book, which is even better! 


Far future?

I actually have a full time job so if I was in a position to reduce my hours in a couple of years time, so I can spend some more time at the machine, it would be a dream come true. I’d also love to expand my range into weekend bags and bigger items but because it would use up so much fabric, right now that just isn’t an option, but it’s certainly something I’d like to work towards in the future for the brand. If I could be at Comic Con one year with plenty of stock then that would be amazing as I think it would really appeal to a lot of people that go. 

I would love to make something similar to the cases Spectrum make, or a Danielle Nicole style clutch bag! Working with some of my fellow Instagram retailers would be great but it would need to be something that complimented the product and our image. 


Wherever you are, future? (What do you want to see from Dawn of the Thread?)

I just want to enjoy sewing, I’d love to just see someone on the street one day or someone on the train pull out something that I’ve designed. It’s a long term goal but something I’d love to see. At the moment, I still dance around the living room whenever I get an order.

We bet Miranda is delighted that her items sell out within minutes of being live on the website! We’re really amazed! 


I hope you love the Dawn of the Thread items as much as I do! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for Miranda’s upcoming work (pay close attention to Instagram!) and of course you can see her full range of current and previous items here!

As you can imagine, Miranda is always on the hunt for new fabrics, so if you ever come across any amazing fabrics feel free to send them her way to have them designed into beautiful items for yourself and others to enjoy! You can contact her here to find out more of how this works!

PS; It’s not just cosmetic bags! Have a look at these cute designs too! I 101 Dalmatian custom denim jacket and a Jack Skellington t-shirt patch!!