Eeveelution 2/9 – Vaporeon Makeup Tutorial!

Hey once again everyone! It’s time for my second installment of my Eeveelution mini series! I did a little poll on Instagram and people wanted to see Vaporeon the most!

This look ended up looking more like Glaceon but I really liked the scales so I decided to roll with it anyway.

Products used: (as always feel free to use your own alternatives!)

  • The Ordinary – High Adherence Silicone Primer
  • Revolution Pro Full-Cover Camouflage Foundation – shade F3
  • Snazaroo paints – White and Blue
  • Revolution Ghost Finish Powder
  • Morphe 35C palette – light turquoise, teal, dark blue, white
  • Limecrime Hi-Lite Mermaids palette – shade Mermaid
  • Nyx Jumbo Pencil – Milk
  • Urban Decay Heavy Metals palette – shade Amp

Base & Face:

  1. I started off with a clean, moisturised face and popped in my blue contacts.
  2. I used The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer to prime my face.
  3. I didn’t want this look to be as bright white on the highlight as my Eevee look so I used the Revolution Pro F3 foundation as a base before my face paint.

  1. Similar to my Eevee look I used the Snazaroo white face paint to highlight my face: along my cheekbones, nose, forehead, chin and above my lips.
  2. I set the white paint with my Revolution Ghost Finish powder. This helps the paint not to crack!


  1. To make the scales I stretched a net wig cap over my face! This looks so silly but I promise its worth it!
  2. I then took the light turquoise first and dusted this with a blusher brush over the higher part of my cheekbones.
  3. I repeated this with the teal and dark blue, moving down my cheekbones to create a gradient.
  4. I also repeated this along my hairline, darker colours towards the hairline and lighter colours towards the middle of the forehead.

  1. I took the blue Mermaid shade from the Lime crime Hi-Lite Mermaids palette and highlighted over the top of the turquoise.
  2. When you remove the net wig cap it’ll leave this cool fish scale effect!


  1. I’m wearing a white wig with this look so to lighten my brows I used my Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk to colour them white.
  2. Using an angled brow brush I set the white with a white shadow from the Morphe 35C palette.
  3. I decided to create a blue end to the brows just because the look was looking a little too white, so with the same brush I used the turquoise shade to colour the outer tip of the brow blue.


  1. I kept the eyes simple again so to start I used the turquoise shade along the outer corner and crease using a fluffy brush. Don’t worry about keeping it tight to the crease, we want it to be on the lid too!
  2. I did the same with the teal colour, this time keeping it tighter to the outer corner and crease.

  1. I took my Nyx Jumbo Pencil again and applied it to the inner corner of my eye to add a bit of white to the eyeshadow and patted it with my finger to blend it.
  2. I used the same pencil to add some white to my waterline to open up my eyes!

  1. While I had the eyeshadow out, I contoured my nose with the turquoise shade with my fluffy eyeshadow brush.
  2. I then took a thin paint brush and the Snazaroo white paint to colour my lashes white.
  3. I used the same brush and paint to create a small wing and a thin line along my lashes.

Finishing Touches:

  1. For the lips, I mixed my blue paint with my white paint to create a light blue.
  2. Using my thin brush I painted my lips and a small triangle on the top lip to create the impression of an animal mouth.
  3. I used the same brush and paint to paint a cute little button nose!
  4. I love glitter so I used the Amp shade from the Urban Decay Heavy Metals palette to pat some glitter on my nose and lips with my finger!

And voilà! You’re all done! Pop on your wig and costume and get ready to catch ’em all!

Thanks again for reading guys! Stay tuned for more Eeveelutions!

Blessed be ~