LUSH: Modfather Bubble Bar

I’m a little later than intended with this one as it’s actually a Father’s Day edition!

But it’s still deffo something you can use all year! I’m actually a little apprehensive when it comes to bubble bars, I have a tendency to just throw them in and that’s bad habit from years of bathbomb usage! But I have a friend that swears by them, simply because you can use them more than once…

My experience with that though, is that I don’t tend to use the other half straight away and it loses its appeal! So I’ll probably stick to what I know because bubble bars really aren’t for me. However, this bubble bar is actually pretty sweet! I’m a bit late in publishing this review (whoops!) and I don’t think they sell them anymore but if you ever come across one, it’s deffo worth giving it a go! It certainly lives up to its bubble name! And if you’ve got kids then this is a nice accessory to bathtime! Or if you just fancy a bubbly bath then it’s also pretty alright for grownups too!

As for the smell, it’s decent! The second use of the bubble bar didn’t really scream at me but it was still pleasant and I wouldn’t disregard using it from time to time. As for the colours, 😍 peng! The blue and the red make a subtle purple colour after the blue tones have mixed with the red (not that you can overly see from my images because I only used the blue for the first go! It’s also covered in bubbles!)

For £4.50 this wasn’t actually too bad and I’d probably chose it over some bathbombs, but at the same time, bathbombs are my go to and whether it’s time to change to the bubble bar then it may take a few more times to persuade me to make the switch!