Gotta Catch ‘Em All! Eevee inspired makeup tutorial!

Heya folks! It’s Morgan again, back from my mini break and here with another makeup tutorial. This time I’m doing a mini series based on the Eeveelutions from Pokemon! For this tutorial I’ll be showing you how I created this Eevee inspired look:

Products used:

  • The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer
  • Snazaroo Face Paint – White
  • Revolution Ghost Finish Powder
  • Nyx Love Contours All palette – Shades 1, 3, 4, 6 and 12
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay blush – Fairy Flush (this is my favourite blush at the moment but any dusky pink blush or eyeshadow will work great!)
  • Morphe 35C palette – Dark brown
  • Miss Beauty Liquid Liner
  • Nyx Jumbo Pencil – Milk
  • Laura Geller Lashboss Mascara
  • Nyx Liquid Suade lipstick – Brooklyn Thorn

Base & Face:

  1. I used The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer to prime my face after moisturising and popping in my brown contacts.
  2. Using the Snazaroo White face paint and a face painting sponge I dabbed white onto the places where natural highlights would fall on my face : the cheekbones, nose, forehead, chin and above the lip.
  3. You want this to be really exaggerated because we want a really high contrast between this and the contour.
  4. I used the Revolution Ghost Finish powder to set the white paint and make it easier to blend later on.

  1. Using a cool toned brown (shade 12) from the Nyx Love Contours All palette and an angled contour brush I applied my super exaggerated contour.
  2. You want this to hit where shadows would fall: under the cheekbones, sides of the chin, sides of the nose, along the hairline and in the temples.
  3. Then I used an oval brush just to blend the edges between the white and the contour, the goal is to create a white to brown gradient similar to what you would see on a fawn!
  4. Then I applied the Tarte Fairy Flush blush to my cheeks, nose and to my upper and lower lip line.

  1. Moving onto the brows, I used a dark brown that matched my wig from the Morphe 35C palette and an angled brush.
  2. As always I sprayed my brush with setting spray before picking up the product to get really sharp lines!
  3. I decided to apply some freckles, for this I cut off a square from a stippling sponge and rounded out the edges with scissors. If you don’t have a stippling sponge skip to step 5!
  4. I sprayed the sponge with water and dabbed it in the same colour we used for contour. Then I pressed it gently against my cheek to leave a group of small dots on my face. I repeated this all over my cheeks, nose and up to my forehead.
  5. For some larger freckles I took the pointed end of my angled brow brush, sprayed it with water and then applied dots of the contour colour we used before over my cheeks, nose and forehead.


  1. The eyes are pretty simple! Use the same fluffy brush for all these steps to save time! Start by covering the entire eyelid in a light cream shade (shade 1) all the way up to the brow bone.
  2. Use a light cool toned brown (shade 3) and apply this to the outer corner towards the middle of the eyelid.
  3. Using a dark brown shade (shade 6) apply on the outer corner again but not as far into the center.
  4. Use an almost black brown (shade 4) right in the crease in the outer corner of the eye to add depth. Don’t forget to blend!

  1. I use the Miss Beauty Liquid Liner to create a small wing to open up the eye. For a perfect wing, follow the angle of your bottom lash line outwards and connect to the top!
  2. I used the Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk to add a white highlight in the inner corner of my eye and to line my water line.
  3. I then applied mascara to my top and bottom lashes!

Final Touches:

  1. I decided to darken up the nose contour to really exaggerate the facial proportions. Using the fluffy eyeshadow brush from before, I applied the contour shade from before to the sides of my nose, essentially joining it up to my eyebrows.
  2. This will give the illusion of a deer-like nose, I think it looks sweet!
  3. Then I filled in my lips with the Nyx Brooklyn Thorn lipstick, creating a small triangle at the top of the lip to give the impression of an animal-like mouth.
  4. Finally, I used the same lipstick. To draw on a cute little button nose!

You’re all set! I wore this look with a long brown wig and a flower crown but feel free to dress it up however you want!

Thanks so much for reading guys!

Blessed be ~