Toy Story Land; To Infinity and New Worlds

So last month a childhood favourite of many finally revealed it’s true colours and that being said there was a lot of them. An explosion of both colour and detail, which just shows just how much love was put into this park.

I’m talking about the park’s opening, what it has to offer currently and future rumours of what’s to come, so it back pal and let me show you the toys in this land.

The Opening;

Jesse, Woody and Buzz were all joined by a special guest Tim Allen, the voice of Buzz Lightyear and who will continue to voice Buzz Lightyear in the new Toy Story 4. It’s certainly something worth viewing for both adults and children alike, as they find batteries needed to open the park and and pull the crayon to lauch the confetti cannons.

What’s on offer

There is a lot of detail in the park from the Bench made out of wooden Lolly Pop sticks to the perspective change where you actually feel like a toy walking around Andy’s background. You might also notice a giant footprint on the ground belonging to one Andy and all around the entrance you’ll see things made out of pencils, elastic bands, and babybell wrappers on the table. At ‘Andy’s Lunch Box’ it is a table top service designed to look like a children’s lunchbox. Personally my favourite detail I’ve seen is the note on Andy’s bench saying “You’re my favourite deputy”. This would be brilliant for any Toy Story fan.


The Rides

Of course Toy Story land would have rides themed on Toy Story, and the best in my opinion being the Toy Story Mania Ride and The Slinky Coaster. The Slinky Coaster is a fast paced coaster that is perfectly designed to keep family’s of all age engaged. Although don’t sit at the front unless you want the large slinky head to block your view of the park.

Toy Story Mania is an interactive ride in which you go around and have to shoot the screens with targets appearing whilst in a chair and have to beat the score of the person next to you. And if you find yourself on this ride, be sure not to use your fast pass otherwise you’ll miss Mr Wheezy, an animatronic you can find on the way round as you queue.

The Alien Saucers ride, this ride is more basic but apparently still fun. If this line quietens down, don’t waste a fast pass on the ride or spend three to four hours waiting. There is also nothing in his line to keep you distracted as you wait. It’s described to be similar to a teacup ride.

The most important thing is THE HEAT. Due to its design of perspective, Toy Story Land has barely any shade or protection from the sun, so it’s important to make sure sunscreen has been applied and that frequent breaks from the sun and stay hydrated.

What’s to come;

It’s rumoured that Along With Andy’s Lunchbox there will also be ‘A Pizza Planet’ featured from in film, filled with an Arcade and a claw with the aliens. This is something to keep an eye out for.

Overall if you find yourself daydreaming about Disney, wondering what the new park attraction has to offer or just find yourself at Disney, then you’ll want to visit this bit of the park, even just for the brilliant architectural details and design. It draws everyone in, so why resist to see what the fuss is about.