SpaBurst – Nutella Bathbomb

Anyone that knows me, knows there’s two very easy and quick ways to my heart, Kinder Bueno filling and Nutella. So when I saw this beauty of a bathbomb, I just had to have one!

Okay, yes it smells chocolately, with a few hints of a nutty base, but whether or not I’d describe it as the creamy Nutella the website claims it to have a likeness to, is going to be left to the imagination. There’s nothing really Nutella about this bathbomb which is a complete disappointment!

Of course I was prepped for the fact my bath was going to be a muddy, “chocolatey colour” so I’m not to disappointed about the colour but I was deffo expecting more from the scent palette! Personally, and you may think otherwise, this bathbomb smells more like gone off chocolate then anything appealing and enjoyable!

However, was I did like is the design of the actual product, the exterior was great and inside (I didn’t manage to photograph it, it was swirly with cream and brown, which was very much like a chocolate pud that any of the Quixotic team would devour instantly. You can sort of tell from this image of it hitting the water! 🍫

Now, don’t get me wrong! One displeasing bathbomb from spaburst wont put me off their products! They’re 100% cruelty free and vegan which is great! So once I’ve gotten through my latest purchase from them, I’ll deffo be back for more!

If you wanna give this Nutella bathbomb a go, you can pick one up from here! I went for the little one which was £3.50 but you can get a huge one for £5.95!