Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: Replacing James Gunn As Director

After some fairly unsavoury tweets made by James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1/Vol. 2) surfaced, Marvel/Disney have severed ties with the director who will no longer be directing the third instalment of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. This is a massive shame as I really rate James Gunn as a director as he brought a fresh new feel to the MCU with his films, but Marvel clearly have their reasons for letting him go. However, this has got me thinking who should replace him as director for the third film, so here are three suggestions (four including myself) that Marvel should consider as replacements for Gunn.

1. Taika Waititi


Source: The Edge

I think giving Taikia Waititi the job is the obvious choice as he was responsible for the excellent Thor: Ragnarok. Waititi is a safe option for this as he and Gunn both have a fairly similar style of filmmaking, employing vivid colour in their films and both having an odd sense of humour that comes across well in their scripts. Waititi also showed that he can pull the cosmic feel and have outrageous set pieces in Ragnarok that people enjoyed immensely, so giving him free reign again on GOTG3 would surely make for another batty and enjoyable flick from the Maori director.

2. Edgar Wright


Source: IndieWire

Edgar Wright was originally the director for Ant-Man but left the project due to “creative differences”. After watching Baby Driver, I think Marvel should give Wright the benefit of the doubt and give him the job. He is one of the most talented directors around at the moment and has shown that he can work well with jukebox soundtrack’s in film with quick, snappy and hilarious dialogue. His films also have lots of fun action sequences too which are completely ridiculous and would suit the tone of Guardians of the Galaxy nicely.

3. Quentin Tarantino


Source: Nerdist

A left field choice but I think a Tarantino led Guardians film would be incredible. Even more so if they decided to shake things up and give it an R Rating, but that is incredibly unlikely to happen. While Tarantino has stuck to making 18 rated films throughout his career, the Guardians would be the one Marvel franchise that I think Tarantino would fit into with ease. He is naturally gifted when it comes to writing dialogue which would be perfect for the likes of Peter Quill, Rocket and Drax. He is also brilliant at crafting great villains for his films, something the MCU lacks most of the time, so I feel he’d bring an memorable performance out of whoever he’d pick to play his villain for GOTG3. Tarantino’s films have also become synonymous for having excellent jukebox soundtrack’s, so there’s no doubt he would rise to the challenge of giving the Guardians another great soundtrack to blast through space with.

Those are my three choices, if you have any suggestions then comment below!