Lewis’ Favourite Songs That Tell Stories Relating To Him: When We Were Us: By Bon Jovi

Hello everyone, Lewis is back here again, and I know I didn’t do an album review last week, as I have been busy with work and also it was the World Cup Semi Final last week, and everything else, and last Thursday, there was this awful news of Autistic Children becoming excluded from schools across the UK, which I will not talk about here, because this is not what I am here to talk about.

However, I want to do something a bit different here, because I have this thing in my mind where I listen to a song and I think that there is a story relating to me, because of that song. What I do with this series is pick a song and share a YouTube video or link it from Spotify or something, and tell you the story of how related that song is for me and in my life.

Today’s song is going to be a song that was released in February/March 2018 and this song is called ‘When We Were Us’ by Bon Jovi, from the 2018 reissue of their thirteenth studio album, This House Is Not For Sale, which went back to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Albums Charts in the US, but in the UK, it didn’t chart again, but the album was rereleased in the UK with that song, and another one called ‘Walls’, but I chose ‘When We Were Us’, as the better song to go with. Right, let’s get on with the story then…

The Story That Relates To Me Behind The Song

2018 has been a great year for music so far this year, with new albums by Blossoms, Arctic Monkeys, Snow Patrol and even from Carrie Hope Fletcher, but when I first heard that Bon Jovi were coming out with a new song, I thought that it’s a bit quick for them to release a new album again, but then again, I didn’t know then, until they announced they had ‘When We Were Us’ as the new single and saw that they were rereleasing This House Is Not For Sale with that song and ‘Walls’ and despite the fact I don’t buy the same album again to get those two songs, I downloaded them from iTunes and I really loved them.

This song came to me, in 2018, and with Bon Jovi being my top favourite band, I was happy to hear what it sounded like and I was absolutely blown away by how the song sounded and this song is amazing.

‘When We Were Us’ is the song that gives me so many good memories of growing up at home, and with all my family and my old friends from school and the friends I have today, and with having the success I have, despite that I have Autism myself, and also to my friends who are successful in their lives too. It’s also a song I would give out to the children who I work with voluntarily too, and give out to their families too, and it’s also a song about celebrating each other’s stories and love each other for who we are and how successful we have become in our lives. It sounds strange saying ‘We’ and ‘Us’ in the same sentence, but in a way, it makes sense for us people making a success for ourselves and how we love and respect each other for our success, and how supportive we all are too, even if we don’t know each other. The memories I love to remember from this song, are always going to stick with me in this song, and I know I have many other favourite songs that tell the same story in different ways, but this one tops them all, to be the best song to relive your memories with and remember the good times you have and look forward to the rest of the good times that are due to come in the future.

This song is amazing and it’s definitely worth listening to, especially if you are feeling nostalgic, and like to remember your memories and how happy you want to be forever and in your life. It’s an amazing song and one to enjoy listening to, to celebrate your life and your memories forever. Jon Bon Jovi, you did amazing to make this song incredible.

If you want to listen to this song, there is the YouTube video link below and I hope you enjoy it, and if you want to tweet me on Twitter (@lewcarty) and follow me on Instagram (@lewisclancarty) please do, and I will be more than grateful. I am trying my hardest to do Album reviews and stuff, but I thought to do something different this time and I hope this makes a nice change and there will be another album review shortly, I promise. I hope you enjoy this story and this song, and please let me know what you think.

I’m Lewis and I will see you next time on the Quixotic Group!

Bon Jovi – When We Were Us (Official Video)