Things you shouldn’t forget this summer.

Summer is here. Where I live it has been around 30 degrees every day for the past 2 weeks it’s supposed to get a few degrees colder, but still way to warm for me! So time for some summer tips!


Face sun screen

We all tend to be pretty good (at least I hope) with protecting our body against the sun. But do you always remember to do sunscreen on your face? Well you should. There are a whole lot of face sunscreens on the market. I have an Avène one for acne prone skin. There is one for every skin type, so no excuses! Besides: the damage form the sun on your face can make your skin look older.


The shade is your friend

Make sure not to lay in the sun for too long. Go in the shade after a while and give your body (and your head) the time to cool down a bit.

 Wear a hat

To prevent yourself from getting a sunstroke, wear a hat, or make sure your head is in the shade. Also take the last tip in considaration. There is nothing worse than feeling sick on a hot, sticky day. (or in my case, having someone in the house with a sunstroke).


Drink enough water, ‘cause you might be sweating a lot. It’s also known to make your skin clearer! Win win! (I use a Brita filter system, which is better for the environment)



When you go in the pool often, it’s important to moisturize. The chlorine can really dry out your skin.

Take your hay fever tablets!

An itchy nose, sneezing, red eyes, a painful throat… I know how it feels. So when you know your going to be outside a lot:  don’t forget to take your medication, or follow these tips.

Eva x.