Geek in a Week Presents: The Fantastic Fan-Cast, The Villains

They say a hero is just as good as it’s villains, and in this case it’s certainly true. With the deal between Disney and 20th Century Fox almost finalised for a whopping $71.3 billion in cash, the X-Men and Fantastic Four will certainly be coming home safe and sound to Marvel Studios. Last time I looked at who I would cast as the new heroes of the Fantastic Four, and now it’s the time for the villains and how would portray them on the big screen. There are so many many villains that marvel has yet to choose  to fight against their first family and so many with varying powers, aims and objections! So without further ado, here is my official fan-cast for the villains of the Fantastic Four!

The Villains

Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom


The acclaimed emperor of Latveria, he is ultimate villain the Fantastic Four have ever faced. Victor Von Doom answers the question what would happen if Reed used his intelligence to rule the world rather than to solve it’s problems. With 2 on screen portrayals so far and the main villain for both Fantastic Four films, it might be best to gradually reveal him as the true villain that we have always wanted to see (like what they’re planning to do with Norman Osborn) and show him residing in Latveria rather than just another American Genius. And who else to portray an evil genius than a genius already to a British Spy.

My Choice: Ben Wishnaw

Ben Whishaw at an event for Cloud Atlas (2012)


Ben Wishnaw. You may have recognised him from his role in Skyfall where he notably played Q in the recent James Bond film with Daniel Craig and the currently as the voice of Paddington Bear in that successful duo of films. Although these roles might not convince you he could play a super villain, he has proven in both these roles he can play someone who is extremely intelligent and devious, and I want to see Wishnaw play a role that he really hasn’t explored before. I truly believe he could show us how evil Doctor Doom could actually be, where we can witness his tragic disfigurement that he would use to his advantage in electrocuting the innocent. Plus with his experience making his own gadgets and programs, why not show us him creating the iconic mask he is associated with wearing or his army of Doombots at his control? Maybe as a subtle not to him previously being the youngest Quartermaster yet.

Harvey Elder/Mole Man


Former nuclear engineer Harvey Elder claimed that there was a hidden subterranean city below the Earth’s surface, he was blinded whilst on an underground expedition which forced him to navigate using radar sense which he used to control underground monsters. His hatred of mankind was only enforced by being shunned for his appearance and his scientific theories. He technically appeared in the 2015 reboot portrayed by Tim-Blake Nelson and would have set the character up as a villain for the sequel, but his characters name was changed from Harvey Elder to Harvey Allen rewriting the character completely. I only have one actor in mind who has had experience playing a rodent like character before…

My Choice: Timothy Spall


Known to Potterheads as the wizard who betrayed Lily and James Potter, Timothy Spall is an a character actor who has many credits to his name, such as Alice in Wonderland, The King’s Speech and a series of Unfortunate Events. His appearance in Harry Potter proves that he can definitely play a man who has been underground for most of his life and someone who feels utterly betrayed by his peers. Mole Man is the first villain Fantastic Four has ever fought, and can add a fantasy/adventure genre to an otherwise science-fiction based comic. Able to control monsters and mole men, Harvey Elder is long overdue and would add a breath of fresh air to an otherwise “Doom” related series of films.



Hailed as one of the most powerful and feared characters in the entire Marvel universe, Galactus must stay alive by destroying and consuming all life in the universe, aided by the Silver Surfer. Although he was technically seen in the Fantastic Film: Rise of the Silver Surfer, he only appeared as a disappointing red cloud and desperately needs to be rebooted. either completely CGI’s or Mo-Capped is the choice of Marvel Studios, but needs one iconic actor to voice Marvel’s biggest villains (literally!)

My Choice: Tim Curry


Tim freakin Curry. One of the most iconic actors and recognisable voices in Hollywood. From Dr. Frank N Furter to the original Pennywise, from the Devil in Legend to Long John Silver in Muppet’s Treasure Island. Who better to play the almighty devourer of world?



Ruler of the Negative Zone, Annihilus is an insect like creature from the planet Arthos who’s only obsession is to extend his life-span and eventually become immortal, and will stop anyone who gets in his way.  Annhilus was scheduled to appear in one of the sequels of the doomed 2015 reboot, and would have been revealed to have been on the Negative Zone where Victor was trapped and killed at the end of the film. Anyway it would be amazing to finally see what this villain would look like on screen, maybe using elements of the forgotten script that was meant to be…

My Choice: James Frain


James Frain is a lesser known actor compared to the ones above, but that doesn’t make him any less worthy in my opinion. Playing the devious Theodore Galavan in Gotham’s second season (he would later become the well known villain Azrael), he has also appeared in Tron: Legacy, Grimm, Orphan Black and Star Trek Discovery. His tall frame and low menacing voice is perfect for the role and I bet a break out performance for a marvel film.

Nathaniel Richards/Kang the Conqueror


Born in an alternate reality in 3000 A.D. and is future relative of Reed Richards himself. Longing for adventure and an expert in robotics, he has been known to alter history via time travel. Kang is such an iconic villain that he could not only appear as a villain for the Fantastic Four, but the next main villain for the Avengers themselves. This could be  perfect way to introduce the team into the MCU and allow the Avengers and Fantastic Four to crossover. Whether terrorising Iron Man or Mister Fantastic, my choice of actor  would stay the same for the role, which would be…

My Choice: Gary Oldman


One of my favourite actors ever, Gary Oldman is so diverse that. I have always wanted him to star in a Marvel movie and I can think of no better role for him than Kang the Conqueror. Either as our trusty Commissioner Gordon or Sirius Black or the villainous Dreyfus or Dracula, Oldman has a vast range of acting credits and a range of skills that would be great to see as a mainstream villain. Marvel make it happen! KANG DEMANDS IT!


Scared and shy Owen Reece when an accident at an atomic plant transformed him into the Molecule Man when he was exposed to the same energy created from the cosmic cube. This energy left Reece disfigured but allowed him to manipulate and control all matter and energy. Who better to cast as this villain who can create and destroy at will than a dark follower of Voldermort!?

My Choice: Jason Isaacs


More recognisable as Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter franchise or as Captain Gabriel Lorca from Star Trek discovery, Isaccs has a commanding presence that is extremely well suited to villains and he has yet to play a villain from any comic book source. He can play a villain who is influenced by technology just from the roles above, and would certainly be able to put up a fight against Richard’s and Co. and paired with other villains can prove to be unstoppable for his thirst of revenge.

Phillip Masters/Puppet Master


Phillip Masters is able to create puppets from a radio-active clay that can control the people they were made to look like. Although he has killed his former lab partner, he since dedicated his work to care for his lab partner’s daughter (now his step-daughter) and cure her blindness which he caused. Somewhat of a sympathetic backstory, Masters will stop at nothing to find this cure, and would be interesting to see on screen as a different variation of villain the Fantastic Four have fought. The Puppet Master intelligent yet eccentric and a slight outcast, which is perfect for man has both those qualities, and has claimed to have invented Transformium…

My Choice: Stanley Tucci


Stanley Tucci may be more known for his comedic roles in films such as The Hunger Games, Transformers: Age of Extinction and The Percy Jackson franchise which would suit the role of Phillip Masters perfectly, if not able to add more of a darker edge to an obscure villain for a man who solely creates puppets for his own amusement. For cinematic purposes radio-active clay may not translate well from comic to screen, but anything is possible in this day and age. Maybe even controlling the Fantastic Four as so they are framed for an accident, showcasing how even they must be held accountable for their powers?

Bentley Wittman/Wizard


Similar to Doctor Doom, Bentley Wittman aka the Wizard relies on his extreme intellect to outsmart his enemies with gadgets and devices, he eventually created his own team to prove they were better than Marvel’s first family, calling his team the Frightful Four. The actor to portray the Wizard should be a similar age to Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emilia Clarke, and someone who is known for having a high degree of wit and intelligence…

My Choice: Rahul Koli


Rahul Koli, best known for portraying the geeky medical examiner Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti and has also appeared as a one off Supergirl villain Biomax in its second season. Rahul can easily play a genius with a hint of arrogance as seen in his roles above. That being said we have never had a team of villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before so what better way of introducing a villainous team to battle one of the most heroic teams ever existed. The Frightful Four has had many villains that have swapped out over the years, including Trapster, Hydro-Man and Klaw, so we could see Wizard help build a bridge with other films such as Black Panther and Spider-Man.

Well I guess that is it for the main the main villains for the New Fantastic Four, but tell me who do you want to see cast as opposition for Marvel’s first family? Next time we’ll see who i’d like to see appear in Phase Four of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe!

This is Jac signing off and i’ll see you next time for your dose of Geek in a Week.