Five Songs To Listen To This Week

Decided that I’m going to take a break from writing about films lately in order to write a little bit more about music instead. I am always listening to music and I love recommending great bands/artists to people and people recommending music to me. So each week I’m going to give ten songs for you to listen, whether it be old or new. I hope you enjoy!

1. People Have The Power – Patti Smith

There’s some fairly terrible things happening in the world at the moment, particularly in America. School shootings are still happening and not being taken seriously by the government who are also separating families at the boarder and putting the children from those families in cages. However, the American people have engaged in mass protest against this happening and I figured the best song at this moment in time is this one.

2. Everybody Wants To Be Famous – Superorganism

I’ve been trying to find new music to listen to lately and a friend of mine recommended these to me. Psychedelic music has never been something I’ve been into but this song has a great beat and I can’t stop listening to it at the moment. It’s funky and its weird but most of all a fun tune!

3. American Idiot- Green Day

Trump visits the UK this week. And we are not happy about it. He faces mass protests from British citizens throughout the country, but one protest that has caught my eye in particular is the ‘Get American Idiot To No.1 For Trump’s Visit’. Download the song, stream on Spotify or YouTube it! And When Trump lands on Friday, this song could very well be at Number 1 and may very well be used over the weekend regardless anyway!

4. Arkells- Leather Jacket

The weather has been great recently and great weather means summer songs. Arkells are a band I have discovered fairly recently as they supported Frank Turner on his latest UK tour. If you want a song to chill with mates to and have a few drinks in the nice weather, then this song is the one!

5. The Modern Leper- Frightened Rabbit

Finishing on a more poignant note for this list. As some people who are fans of this band may know; the lead singer of FR; Scott Hutchison sadly committed suicide earlier this year. It was a deeply moving time in the music industry and its still something that makes me feel sad every time I hear one of his songs. Even though Scott is still gone, he will always live on through the passionate and meaningful lyrics he made and it is up to us to keep their songs going for them so I ask people reading this to give this song a listen and their other songs and pass them on to other people to show how good they are!

Bonus Addition:

Three Lions- Skinner, Baddiel & The Lightning Seeds

We all know why this is here.