Tips to prevent hay fever symptoms this summer season!

Summer time has finally arrived and people all over the country are basking and soaking up the lovely rays of Vitamin D.

However, with an expected heat wave predicted to come in the next few days there have been a warning that more than 20 million people could suffer hay fever due to the pollen spike.

For the unfortunate individuals who will have to endure itchy eyes, sneezing frenzies and runny noses every year, this can make going outside in the sun extremely frustrating.

Sadly, I am a hay fever sufferer and my symptoms are usually itchy and watery eyes, runny noses and sneezing.

I usually feel okay when I take an antihistamine tablet but that is never usually the case for the more severe sufferers out there.

That is why I have compiled a list of easy tips and tricks to prevent the symptoms and make your summer time a good time.

  1. Use Vaseline

This is a simple and easy way to decrease the amount of pollen particles you breathe in. Before you decide to venture outside, just apply a generous amount of Vaseline on the inside of the bottom of your nose and this should act as a defensive shield and stop some particles in its tracks.

  1. Sunglasses
Photo by Sara Kauten on Unsplash

Pollen particles love to travel and unfortunately the eyes are an ideal target. So always make sure to bring a pair of your favourite sunnies wherever you go to minimise their exposure in the open air.

  1. Avoid Alcohol?!

No one will probably use this tip but I thought I will add this in just in case! What can be better than a nice cooling alcoholic beverage on a hot summers day and as tempting as it is, hay fever suffers should be wary as this is a bad move. When your body is reacting to an allergic reaction it produces histamine which causes inflammation to defend itself from the attacks. The reason why alcohol is a bad idea is because it too contains histamine and can intensify your symptoms and causes dehydration as well.

  1. Check Pollen Count

It is now so much easier to check how much pollen is in your area as the information is collected and broadcasted online and is also available in weather forecasts. Counts will be described from “absent” to “very high” so make sure to be informed before you venture outside.

  1. Put The Kettle On
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I know you might think this is crazy – a hot drink in the scorching heat? Absolutely mental, I agree too. But actually green tea is an amazing brew for hay fever sufferers as researchers have found out that it has an antihistamine effect to help relieve you of them dreaded symptoms (only for a short while though)! Another good tea is camomile and you can get a two in one with this as you can use the teabag on your swollen eyes as it acts like a cooling eye pad!

  1. Shower After Going Outdoors

It is very important to shower, wash your hair and change your clothes when you go outside – especially if your hay fever was triggered. This helps remove pollen from the skin and hair and prevent it from transferring to bed and causing night time allergy attacks.

  1. Check The Car’s Air Conditioner

The air conditioning in vehicles can help decrease the exposure of allergens but keep in mind that it can also expose you to airborne particles inside the unit which can trigger hay fever symptoms. To reduce this issue, open a window part way for 10 minutes after using the air con ensuring the vents are aimed away from the face or get it cleaned professionally.

  1. Talk To Your Doctor
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

If these preventatives do not work then there are prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medications that could be your saviour. These include oral medicines (liquid or tablets), eye drops and nasal sprays so talk to your doctor and they will recommend you the correct ones for your symptoms.

I hope these tricks will help you fight back against hay fever as everyone deserves a relaxing summer without being subjected to nature’s irritants.

Have an awesome summer everyone!

Stephanie ^^