Lewis’ Album Reviews: The Circle By Bon Jovi

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Album Information

Album: The Circle

Artist: Bon Jovi

Release Date: 10th November 2009

Genre: Rock

Bon Jovi:

Jon Bon Jovi: Vocals

Richie Sambora: Guitar/Backing Vocals

David Bryan: Keyboards/Piano

Tico Torres: Drums/Percussion

Information Of The Band and Album

When a classic rock band has been going on for over 25 years (at the time when this album had dropped), Bon Jovi have released so many great albums and had a very successful career since Slippery When Wet and New Jersey in 1986 and 1988, respectively. Over the years, since those albums were released, Bon Jovi have tried to arrange their music in a style of different genres, like Alternative Rock, Metal, Pop-Rock, Country and they all did it to commercial success, all over the world.

Bon Jovi are one of my favourite bands in the world, followed by Nickelback, Busted, Fightstar, Green Day and Oasis, and The Circle, the eleventh full studio album, was one of Bon Jovi’s most successful albums, hitting #1 on the US and Canadian Billboard Charts, and hitting many Top 10, Top 40 and Top 100 charts worldwide, peaking in the UK at #2. This is one of my favourite Bon Jovi albums and one of those albums that I enjoy every song from it, too.

Story Behind The Album and Listening To The Tracks

This album came out in 2009, and I asked for it, for Christmas that year, and I was given it by my Mum, that year and for almost nine years, it has stuck with me all this time.

The first single off the album We Weren’t Born To Follow is my top favourite song off this album and it was written during the time of Obama’s presidency in the USA at the time, and also talking about the times, when the Berlin Wall fell, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong taking their steps on the moon in the late 60’s, and also about different things about war, poverty, communism, politics and other things, but this song is more about following what you dream of doing, not what others want you to do. We then go into When We Were Beautiful, which is one of those songs that talks about Bon Jovi’s history and what it was like in the early days and up to where they were at this point, then into Work For The Working Man, which talks about trying to make a living, but it is also about trying to get out of the wrong hands and keep trying to fight for what you already have.

Next, we come into Superman Tonight, which is more of a ‘Saving a person you love’ type of song, and this is a brilliant song with a really good example of loving someone you want to save, while Bullet, which comes after that, kind of feels like the Nickelback song, Side Of A Bullet, in a way, but this is more on Bon Jovi’s perspective, and it is one of their heaviest songs here. As with many of their songs, they do mention God in this one, as of Jon Bon Jovi being a devout Christian and this song is more on, I would say about being a hero, despite being shot by somebody. Thorn In My Side, well, in my view, this song is more of a darker sound and even though the lyrics are mixed between the light and the dark stuff in Jon’s life, but it’s incredible that they used this song for the album.

We come on to Live Before You Die, which is my other favourite song on this album, it has a nice piano flow for the first part of the song, until the guitars kick in and the lyrics are amazing, and even though it has a lighter tone, the lyrics are mixed between light and dark moments and it also has a follow up from The Distance, which is from the 2002 album Bounce, with the violin parts as well on this song. Then on to Brokenpromiseland, which I think in some cases, is possibly Bon Jovi’s other heaviest song on this album, even though it’s not really a heavy album, and even though the Chorus is possibly the darkest part of the song, the music is amazing on it, and it feels like they have made some good efforts to make this song great. Then onto Love’s The Only Rule which has a very basic guitar riff at the beginning and has a decent drum solo at the end, which you don’t hear very much on many Bon Jovi albums, and I love Jon’s vocals on this song, even though this is one of the few Bon Jovi songs (except for This House Is Not For Sale) where you don’t hear Richie Sambora’s backing vocals, a lot, except at the end of the song, and it is amazing.

Coming on to Fast Cars, now it is a basic song, in its instrumentation and lyrics, but it is a good song to come close to the end of the album, and it has a good feel to it, with how it flows and I think it’s incredible. Then onto Happy Now, which is Bon Jovi’s other heavier song on this album, and final one too, before the album closes. This one has more of a heavier edge and the chorus has really good instrumentation and a good build up, so it’s brilliant to have that song. Then we end with Learn To Love, which is a beautiful song and has a wonderful ending to the album, it’s more about making love to the people from war and poverty and caring for those lost in the wilderness or whatever and those who have to care for the environment, and it’s another favourite from this album too. This song is a great way to close the album, and even though many of the Bon Jovi albums, don’t always have the best songs to close albums, this is one of the best to put at the end, and it was a hopeful end to see what was come after that.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, this was the last of Bon Jovi’s best albums and top favourite until the very disappointing What About Now and Burning Bridges came in 2013 and 2015, respectively, until This House Is Not For Sale came out in 2016, and became the next best Bon Jovi album, and new top favourite, and after 11 albums in 25 years, it was understandable of trying to change directions several times. This album is all mixed with politics, war, peace, religion and other things around the world, along with Jon Bon Jovi’s personal stuff. Other bands like Nickelback and Green Day had similar ideas to them, but Bon Jovi have done these songs more to the point of how Jon feels about them, and put his own opinions on them and in some way, make them feel so relatable to everyone and that’s why this album and his classics before it, make them so great.

I am going to give a rating of this album: 9/10

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