LUSH: Intergalactic

As far as LUSH bathbombs go, you don’t really get much better than this one.

Okay so picture this, I’m back in Swansea lush, looking around for something new that catches my eye, yes Modfather bubble bar I’m looking at you, and one of my all time faves is there, staring me down until I pick it up. Of course, I had to get another intergalactic bath bomb because, they’re just incredible!

From as soon as it’s dropped into the water, the bathbomb fills the bath with a delightful range of colours, from blues to yellows to pinks, finally settling on a deep turquoise colour, which looks very well, intergalactic and space-like!

Oh and glitter, let’s not forget the glitter! In a similar way to Avobath, intergalactic has a subtle amount of glitter blended in which makes for a nice treat when you’re having a bath, it’s not irritating on your skin and it doesn’t leave you cleaning up glitter for days, unlike some (*cough* glitterball )

As far as smell goes, this ones fairly subtle and sweet, when you’re actually in the bath you can’t smell it all too much but sometimes that’s just right! However, my room does smell of lush as soon as you walk in.

I think the pictures do this bath bomb justice that I cannot put into words, although you can never fully see the beauty in a photo! So I recommend grabbing yourself one from lush asap! Either from your local store or online!