My Top 10 All Time Favourite Albums #9: WALLS By Kings Of Leon

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Album Information

Album: WALLS

Artis: Kings Of Leon

Genre: Alternative Rock/Punk/Southern Rock

Release Date: 14th October 2016

Hello, everyone, it’s Lewis here again and I am back again, carrying on down the list of my Top 10 Favourite Albums of all time and not jumping it, like on the last album review I did of Feed The Machine By Nickelback, and I am now on another favourite band of mine called Kings Of Leon with their seventh studio album, WALLS.

This album was something of a surprise to me after I got into Kings Of Leon from when their biggest hits, Sex On Fire and Use Somebody hit the airwaves in 2008-2009, (here in the UK, at least anyway) from their fourth studio album, Only By The Night and that album was amazing, definitely worth getting started with that album. Their first three albums, Youth And Young Manhood, Aha Shake Heartbreak and Because Of The Times, released in 2003, 2004 and 2007 respectively, were definite good albums, with great elements of Alternative and Punk rock, but with good elements of Southern rock in their sounds, but half of their songs on those three are more on the Punk side as with Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory and Anberlin for example, and even though Only By The Night was their biggest selling album in terms of sales, those three are still genuinely good albums, in their own right.

In 2010 and 2013, respectively, they released their fifth album Come Around Sundown and sixth album Mechanical Bull, and these albums showed more of their Southern rock and a little bit of a blues rock sound, too, as well as it being an Alternative sound too. Those albums, well, they aren’t the best albums of their career, but they had potential to move them in a new direction and they had a few really decent songs on them, but not many good ones as the first four albums, but still enjoyable to listen to. With WALLS however, this album was so much better than the last two, and I enjoy this album as much as I enjoyed Only By The Night, so, let’s go Track By Track and I will tell you, why this album is one of my favourites:

Track By Track Review

1. Waste A Moment

This opening song is my top favourite song on this album, as most of my favourite albums do have great starts, and it was the first single, and it’s really short, just on three minutes in length and has really bouncy bass line, fast paced drums and the guitars are incredible to, especially the vocals from Caleb Followill too.

The reason why it’s my favourite, is because I think of this song as one of those songs where you shouldn’t waste time with people who treat you like crap, like I had done to me many times in my life, and I don’t like to remember them, but this song makes me think that I have been there, done that, and moving on, so that’s what I think of this song as. Also the best thing about this song, they also released a live version of the song as a single from the WALLS Tour of 2016/17, and that’s just great, it really is, and I do have the live version as well as the album too.

2. Reverend

The second song on the album, and the album’s second proper single, but it was the fourth song that came out before the album was dropped. This song took a while to grow on me, because I wasn’t sure if it was a great song, but this was fantastic, after so many listens. I love how very mellow it is with the guitars, the bass and the drums, and Caleb Followill delivers this song beautifully.

Unfortunately for me, as fate would have it, this song and album came out, after a tragic accident happened to a good friend of mine and he was killed a couple of years ago, and as of this year, I chose this song as like a tribute to him, as the lyrics in it feel like the Reverend is himself, as of how well known and well popular he was in school and everything, and I like to have this song as a memory to him, and a bit of a tribute to him, and a similar tragic thing happened around the same sort of a time for someone that many of my friends knew who got killed in Australia, but this song fits for both of them, and it has a place in my heart, this song for both of them, even though I knew one better than the other, this song is still a song worth remembering for them.

3. Around The World

This was the album’s third single, and it was also the third song to be released before the album was dropped. This is one of those Kings Of Leon songs where it’s one of those songs you could play at a party and you can dance to it, and they always do this on every album up to this point, sometimes it’s just one or two, but I love how well done it is, and I love how the guitars, drums and the bass are played well together.

This song is lyrically about how these guys loved playing to all their fans around the world and it also has a good way of being in a new place and finding yourself where you belong, so it shows that it’s very well done. It also sounds like a song that either Weezer or New Found Glory could possibly do, and it will possibly be amazing.

4. Find Me

Now, this song was released around the same time as Reverend, as the fifth song to be played from the album in 2017, and I love the nearly 45 second build up, before the vocals kick in. I love the guitars and the bass, and even the drums have a good syncopation too.

The lyrics in this song are more about someone finding yourself and it can be quite confusing at times, but I love the verses, I feel that this is absolutely fantastic and even though the beginning can be a little long winded at times, but it works so well for me.

5. Over

Now, this song is the longest song on the album and it is absolutely amazing, because it sometimes I think it doesn’t take long at all. I love the guitars, bass and drums and Caleb’s vocals are at their very deepest on this song. This is practically one of the longest songs that KOL have ever done, and it’s the best than many long songs at the time, because we don’t get many nowadays, unless in rock or metal. If Waste A Moment is the shortest song on the album, then Over is the longest on the album in its entirety.

6. Muchacho

Now, this song is the slowest on the album and it’s actually close to being a country song, and some KOL songs, do sound like country songs, but not in the same genre of country, such as Day Old Blues and Milk for example. Come Around Sundown has some songs that are close to country, but Mi Amigo sounds pretty close to being a country song. However, this song is amazing with the acoustic guitar and electric guitar noodling, and the drums and bass kick a good punch, and the lyrics are talking about a friend of theirs, which to be honest, it sounds like a follow up to Mi Amigo and the aforementioned Reverend too, I think.

7. Conversation Piece

Now, this song, it’s not a bad song, but it’s not one of my favourites of the album. I do like how KOL tried to go in a new direction with the guitars and bass and drums, but adding string elements and all that, do add a nice effect, but it’s just that it’s quite a long song to listen to, and it kinda knocks it down, because it feels too slow and feel like it’s a bit too long to listen to, but it’s not a bad song.

8. Eyes On You

Now, this one, well as I said in Reverend, this one took a while to grow on me, and I do love it. The title does sound like it could freak you out a bit, but I don’t think about that when I listen to this song, I listen to it for the guitars, bass and drums and even Caleb’s vocals are amazing. It also has a very decent guitar solo too, and that’s great as there aren’t many brilliant guitar solos on this album. However, this is definitely a very punk rock KOL song as well as it’s heavy too.

9. Wild

OK, well, I don’t mind playing this song, at all, but as with Conversation Piece, it’s not one of my favourites on this album. It’s guitar parts are quite loud and take away Caleb’s vocals a bit, the bass doesn’t add much and there is a decent drum pattern, but this song doesn’t really add to much, it’s nothing special, if I am honest.

10. Walls

OK, this is the final song on the album and the second song to be released before the album was dropped, but it wasn’t a single, and it has it’s own music video for it. I like this song, because of its intro, before the guitar comes in, I always keep counting that bit of 1, 2, 3, 4, about four times and it clicks in brilliantly.

However, I think the lyrics in this song are all amazing without even trying to be amazing. It’s more about a person trying to be better at something that he hasn’t been better at before and he eventually builds himself up and he gets better at it, and it’s absolutely amazing to make this last song on the album, a great way to close this album and I hope we get to hear some new music from KOL in the future, so I will be looking forward to see what comes next.

Final Thoughts.

Well, I have to say this album is a pretty close second to Only By The Night, but having eight years and two albums between them. It’s definitely a step up from Come Around Sundown and Mechanical Bull in some ways, but many songs from them aren’t that bad, and Youth And Young Manhood, Aha Shake Heartbreak and Because Of The Times are all a league of their own too, and there will be reviews of those albums coming soon, I promise. I love that they tried new directions and got more people into liking their stuff, and however, this album, is mixed between having long songs and short songs, which is really nice and at almost 43 minutes, it’s pretty standard, but most 10 track albums, with shorter songs, normally come across the 30+ minute mark and it’s not really long enough, because it leaves you with wanting more time to listen to some more songs, however it’s only a minor complaint, but over 35-40 minutes for a ten track album, it’s not that bad.

Anyway, this album is pretty good, even though Conversation Piece and Wild aren’t that brilliant, they are OK to listen to, with the rest of the album or playing with the other KOL songs, but if you are curious, it’s worth checking out, but I recommend picking out the older albums and Only By The Night is definitely a great starter for them and a must have by them too.

I like to give this album a rating of: 8/10

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