Is it Too Early for Halloween? Creepy Cute Clown Makeup Tutorial.

Welcome back to my makeup tutorials everyone! It’s Morgan here again and today I’ll be showing you how to do this kinda cute kinda creepy clown makeup.

I wore this makeup. To a drag show a few months ago with one of my friends and we got an awesome reception. The best thing about this look is you can use whatever colours you want, just swap the black for whatever colour you want, I used green on my friend and it looked awesome.

Products used (as always, feel free to use whatever works for you!) :

  • Snazaroo face paints – white and black
  • The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer
  • Revolution Ghost Finish powder
  • Morphe 35C Palette – used the pinky peach shade for eyebrows, you can substitute any colour to match your wig.
  • Nyx Love Contours All Palette – cool brown for contour, black for eyeshadow.
  • Barry M Make Me Blush cream – Raspberry Charlotte
  • LimeCrime Hi-Lite Mermaids pallete – shade Mermaid
  • Barry M Showgirl Mascara
  • Fake Lashes
  • Urban Decay Heavy Metals palette – shade Dive
  • Blue teardrop gems
  • Miss Beauty liquid liner

(I’m going to be doing a slightly different layout this time, please let me know if you prefer my old layout!)

Step 1 – Base:

  1. I primed my skin with the High adherence silicone primer from The Ordinary, it really helped my facepaint to stick to my skin.
  2. I applied the white Snazaroo facepaint to the whole of my face using a face paint sponge. Making sure to dab the paint on, not drag it.
  3. Over the top of the paint I patted a large amount of the Revolution Ghost Finish powder with a fluffy brush and then brushed off the excess.
  4. For my brows I used an angled brow brush and a pinky peach colour from the Morphe 35C palette, making sure to spray my brush with setting spray before using to create sharper lines.

Step 2 – Face:

  1. I started with contour, using an angled contour brush and the cool toned brown from the Nyx Love Contours All palette, I sculpted out my cheekbones.
  2. Then I used quite a lot of the Barry M Make Me Blush cream on a blusher brush to create some slightly over the top pink cheeks.
  3. I’ll be adding blue as a secondary colour later on so I decided to use the blue highlight from the limecrime hi-lite mermaids palette. This palette isn’t cheap so please feel free to use any highlighter you have, it doesn’t have to be blue!

Step 3 – Eyes:

  1. The eyes are a little complicated so I’ll break it down the best I can.
  2. I started by using the Miss Beauty liquid liner to mark dots where the tips of the points will be. One above the eye, one below and two to the side.
  3. Then using the Snazaroo black facepaint and a thin paint brush to draw the outline of the points. When doing this don’t draw past the crease of your lid.
  4. Then I used a thicker brush and filled in the points.
  5. Then with the black shadow from the Nyx Love Contours All palette and a fluffy brush, I blended the harsh lines from the facepaint into the crease of my eyelid.
  6. I then took a thin, dense brush and added a small amount of black shadow to the inner corner of my eye.
  7. Then I added a thin line of eyeliner from the inner to the outer corner of my eye.

Step 4 – Nose & Mouth:

  1. I drew a small circle on my nose and filled this in with the black facepaint
  2. Then I filled in my lips with the black facepaint and extended the outer corners into a smile!

Step 5 – Finishing Touches:

  1. I used the shade Dive from the Urban Decay Heavy Metals palette and just dabbed this on the black on the nose and lips to create a blue highlight.
  2. Then I took some blue teardrop gems and placed these on the bottom points on each eye. My gems were self adhesive but if I’m wearing them for a long time I like to apply them with lash glue just to make sure they stay put!
  3. To finish up I applied some fake lashes and mascara, then put on my wig and I was done!

All done!

I thought I would include a picture of the outfit I wore with this when I wore it out. This outfit cost me under £20 to put together so this look is great for last minute fancy dress ideas!

Thank you once again for reading guys!

Blessed be~