Don’t lose your way! Ryuko Matoi makeup tutorial!

Hey everyone! It’s Morgan again and I’m back with another cosplay makeup tutorial! Today I decided to show you how I do my Ryuko Matoi makeup!

Kill La Kill has been one of the most fun animes I’ve watched in a long time! The trick to Ryuko’s makeup is bold brows and sharp features.

Products used (as always this is just what I used, feel free to use whatever you have!) :

  • Revolution Pro Full Cover Camouflage Foundation – shade F3
  • Revolution Ghost Finish powder
  • Nyx Love Contours All Palette – shades 1 (light cream), 5 (light pink) and 12 (cool toned brown)
  • Barry M Make Me Blush Cream – Shade Raspberry Charlotte
  • LimeCrime Hi-Lite palette in Mermaids – shade Pearl
  • Snazaroo face paint – black
  • Miss Beauty liquid liner
  • Barry M Showgirl mascara
  • Nyx Gotcha Covered concealer – shade light
  • Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk

Step 1:

  • I started with a clean moisturised face and popped in my blue contacts.
  • I applied the Revolution Pro Full Cover Camouflage Foundation in F3 with an oval brush and then set this with the Revolution Ghost Finish powder and a fluffy brush.

Step 2:

  • Ryuko has very sharp features so I did a lot of contouring for this look.
  • I used the cool brown shade in the NYX Love Contours All palette.
  • I contoured along my cheekbones, jaw, nose and forehead, making sure to blend everything in so there are no sharp lines.

Step 3:

  • I didn’t want this look to be as girly as some of my others so I used less blush and a more yellow toned highlight.
  • I used a small amount of the Barry M Make Me Blush cream on my cheeks and the Pearl shade from the Limecrime Hi-Lite mermaids palette.

Step 4:

  • Possibly the most important part of Ryuko’s makeup is her brows.
  • Kill La Kill is not known for subtlety so don’t be afraid to be bold!
  • I used black Snazaroo facepaint and a thin paint brush to draw the brows on, painting more hair like strokes towards the centre.
  • You’re going to look ridiculous until the wig is on but don’t worry!
  • I used the Nyx Gotcha Covered concealer to clean up the edges of the brows.

Step 5:

  • Ryuko doesn’t wear much eyeshadow so I used a light pink on my lid and highlighted my brow bone with the light cream colour.

Step 6:

  • Another important part of Ryuko’s makeup is her eyeliner.
  • I used the Nyx Jumbo pencil in Milk to line my waterline and open up my eyes.
  • Then, using the Miss Beauty liquid liner and a reference image I followed the shape of her eyes.
  • To do this I extended the bottom lash line down under the white liner and created a small flick at the outer corner and created a heavy top lash line.
  • After this I used the Barry M showgirl mascara on my lashes!

Step 7:

  • Ryuko’s lips are pretty non-existent so I dabbed some concealer over my lips.
  • Then I patted a tiny bit of the blush cream on the inside of my lips to add a little colour!

Now grab your costume, wig and scissor blade and you’re all set!

Thanks again for reading guys! Happy makeup-ing and don’t lose your way!

Blessed be ~