So You’ve Passed…

Firstly CONGRATULATIONS! Finally all that hard work and not to mention the money put into money. But it was worth it, you can now drive!

Yesterday I had my driving test and with it being my second time, I was even more nervous than because I felt like I should already be driving (but I’ll talk about that in another post). As soon as I pulled into the bay, he said in a somber tone I could take a few minutes (this was also the same examiner I had the first time round) instantly I thought I’d failed and head planted the steering wheel….but the title of this kind of gives away the result.

He signed my certificate and made me promise to change over my licence when I got back, that’s when I realised what comes next is a tad overwhelming if you don’t have someone to help.


I am very fortunate to have a car already, as to be honest most people wouldn’t. I had to pay for the car, lessons and the test in order to keep everything up to date and on the road. However picking the car would be the obvious first step, as you haven’t spent all that money to drive an imagination vehicle. So shop around, look for what’s for sale on Facebook, EBay and Gumtree etc. Even if you have the money buying a second hand car for your first car is what is advised due to the fact that you are actually learning now. With just you in the car it’s a whole different view and experience! I have a Renault Cleo and this Disney obsessed fan with her little red car named Lilo (well I had to).


Your instructor probably told you about that pesky insurance. I’m not kidding I spent 50 minutes on the phone whilst my old insurance tried to sell me on £3300 a year. So you’ll have to pay a deposit fee, but if you use sites like Compare The Meerkat etc. You can shop around for the best deal and not have to pay have your wage to drive. Like with buying a phone, laptop it’s important to look for what’s out there. Once you’ve paid the deposit, you should then have to pay a fixed amount once every month. Simples.

P Plates;

I had these for an hour….no joke. Possibly due to the make on my own, but like training wheels it just flew off…and in the process made me jump. So these literally won’t last you long, however it means other drivers can be more sympathetic towards you. Otherwise you’re just another car on the road.


I will state this now, this is something that isn’t necessary it’s just preference. For me it was just the comfortable thought of having it, I knew it would be updated and it’s a trusted source, but as long as you have a phone stand/grip it’s fine.

That’s about all you really need to know to get started, so just be safe and you’ll learn more now you’re having to be independent. Have fun!