My E3 Highlights

Now that E3 has wrapped, and Alan has covered the conferences as they’ve come out, I thought over the next 2 weeks I’d share my views, highlights and disappointments of the entire event.
Every year all the big players in the games industry get together and show off what they’re working on, trying to one up each other at every opportunity and ‘win’ the conference. As the rest of this article will likely show, to me Nintendo has won for about the 3rd year in a row. Announcing almost everything I wanted and a bunch of stuff nobody was really expecting.
Here’s my 5 highlights of this year’s conference:

1.Elder Scrolls VI is coming…
As a massive fan of the Elder Scrolls fan of the Elder Scrolls series the announcement of the 6th instalment is a really big deal to me, and after sinking roughly 2000 hours into Skyrim I definitely need something new to sink my teeth into. Unfortunately there’s no release window as of yet, but my money is on a late 2022 release

2.We finally saw Cyberpunk 2077…
After not seeing anything for 6 years, Witcher developer CD Projekt Red has finally shown a little more of this title, that most had assuming had faded into software hell. Though the trailer features no gameplay it proves that it coming and it looks like it’s going to be incredible.

3.Spider-Man looks amazing…
Sony showed off Spider-Man, and it looks incredible, every time they show more of it, I want it more and more, the combat is smooth and looks like great fun, the web swinging looks fast and fluid, something that a Spider-Man game hasn’t accomplished in a long time. It also just looks beautiful, all the characters
look great and the scenery looks amazing.

4.Everyone is here…
We all knew it was coming, announced earlier this year Nintendo finally gave us a look at the new Smash Bros game, coining it Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The game looks incredible, slightly improving the graphics compared to the Wii U version and addressing the majority of issues the community had with the game. The combat has been sped up significantly and people taking advantage of rolling too often will be punished. They also announced that every fighter ever featured in Smash would be returning, the reactions to all of this online were incredible here’s one of my favourites:

At the end of the conference they also announced that fan favourite Ridley would finally be playable, despite Sakurai (the lead developer) always claiming he would be too big, and he looks awesome. Have another reaction:

And finally the Smash Bros invitational after the conference pit 8 of the best players in the world against each other playing the new game and between some exhibition matches we were able to see the best of the best go at it. Everyone played incredibly and the whole event was great to watch. Here’s the incredible final, but it’s definitely worth watching the entire thing if it interests you:

5.Hollow Knight when..?
Last year it was announced that indie Metroidvania ‘Hollow Knight’ would be coming to Nintendo Switch, however after delay after delay, and then not hearing anything for months I’d almost given up hope, and was really close to picking it up on another platform after waiting for more info. Mid way through their conference amongst a montage of a ton of games releasing in the coming months the Hollow Knight trailer came up and eagerly awaiting for the release date, it was announced it was available that day, I have never booted the eShop up and spent money so quickly.

Anyway these were my E3 highlights, I hope you enjoyed reading, let me know yours in the comments.