LUSH: Mmmm Marshmallow Moment Bath Oil

Alright, I’m on a lush hype again!

After “popping in” before meeting Jamie in Swansea, and then again once I’d actually met her, I seem to have a rather large haul of Lush products to get through!

I thought I’d try a few newbies and move away from the bathbombs I treasure (don’t worry I still got bathbombs too!) and try a couple of things to widen my bath collections.

One of those things, is this gem! A teeney tiny inexpensive bath oil! Designed to make the skin feel extra soft and peachy. Oh boy does it do that!

It’s super vibrant too, which I love! Although that chavvy pink I’ve spoken about before has hints in this bath oil, but thankfully my bath didn’t go pink! Instead it had this yellow-y colour, which admittedly isn’t all that attractive but hey, what do you expect from a yellow and pink item? I’d much rather take the yellow than the chavvy pink!

But regardless if it’s post bath murky appearance, this product is the best ever smelling product I’ve tried!

Advertised as a marshmallow-y / candyfloss-y vibe to it, and it certainly is that, if you like sweet scents, like me, then you’ll love this! It’s strong but not overpowering and it lingers in the bathroom too! I’m now on the hunt for more products that smell like this cause it’s so, well, me!

These are a great alternative to a bathbomb as they won’t dry your skin out as much as bathbombs do! They’re also £2.50 which is a bargain for what you get! I deffo recommend you try this one if you love baths as much as I do! You can get yours here, or in your local LUSH store!