Cross Stitch Tips For a Beginner From a Beginner

Have you ever thought to yourself, I want to learn something new but I have no idea how? So have I. On many occasions. That’s why I have started to learn how to cross stitch! quixotic 1Image credit Krupptastic

I Spent weeks looking for a good cross stitch to start. But unfortunately, never found one. I’m a geek with not a lot of money and a beginner, so off to Amazon I went. Flowers, houses, Dogs you name it they had it. And it was overwhelming. But not what I was looking for. I wanted an easy, beginner friendly cross stitch and it had to be nerdy, geeky, anything along those lines. Pokemon, Game of Thrones, Marvel. but there was nothing like that. Nothing that made me go “wow I could do that AND frame that.” So that’s when I came to the realisation ” I’m going to have to create my own”

quixotic 2Image credit Torpedorosie

I bought a simple cross stitch kit on Amazon. ( You can buy it here Embroidery/ Cross Stitch Kit) The kit contains 5 different sized embroidery hoops, 2 pieces of fabric, 50 different colours of thread, needles, scissors, it is perfect. And has everything that you need.

Then came “what design am I going to do? This was hard, but I had a look online and found some amazing projects. I settled with a simple Tardis. I’m not a huge fan of Doctor Who. Don’t get me wrong it is good but I stopped watching after David Tennant.quixotic 3Image credit hawkdaughter

I settled with this pattern as it was simple, not many colour changes. Most importantly My friend is obsessed with Doctor Who and her birthday is coming up this month. Practice for me and a great gift for her. Sorted!

So, I got this design up on my laptop. made sure I was happy with the size. I placed the cross stitch fabric over the screen and sure enough, you can see through it to trace! So I grabbed my pencil and began the outline. Now, this isn’t the best method as it can move. which leads us to…

TIP 1: Please, for the love of god tape down the fabric to your screen. It’s a major step I missed and wish I didn’t. if you tape it down it won’t move. Which means You don’t have to keep holding it in place. And you won’t get hand cramp! you can use an eraser to remove unwanted lines if you mess up (as long as they are light) so don’t worry about screwing up. 

Bonus tip: make sure your fabric matches up with the lines on the pattern. if you aren’t using a pattern and just an image. line it up as much as you can.

Anyway, after I had drawn out the pattern on the fabric I was ready to start.

TIP 2: Get out all the colours you will need before you start! you don’t want to be halfway through and not knowing what colour you are going on to or what you want. plus all the thread I use I put on plastic floss bobbins so I’m not left with mounds of tangling thread.

Place your fabric onto an embroidery hoop carefully. It will take a few tries if you are a beginner. Once that’s done get out your needles.

TIP 3: Needle size depends on two factors. How big the holes in your fabric are and how high your thread count is. The main one is the fabric. If your fabric has small holes then you need to use a thin needle. If yours has larger holes then feel free to use a larger needle. Thread count also plays a small role. make sure the eye of the needle can hold the thread count. The higher the thread count, the larger the eye you will need. Blunt needles are the best as you won’t accidentally stab yourself. Once you have found the correct needle you are ready to go!

I started at the top of mine, working left to right. But with each pattern, that can change. But usually, you will find your own way that will feel the most comfortable. And that is mainly the bulk of it. It feels more daunting getting things ready than actually doing it. if you make a mistake, that’s okay! you can redo it. my kit came with a stitch ripper (which is super handy if you cant unsew a stitch.

quixotic 5

You Can Buy One Here

If it goes wrong (which is bound to happen) don’t let it bother you. if you can undo it feel free. if not, it’s not a mistake. it’s a happy little accident. add a happy tree over top.

quixotic 6


If you dont like how its going its okay to start over. It’s your piece of art. You can do what you want with it. But most Importantly, you should be proud of it. no matter the outcome. Because you made it and you spent your time on it. My piece s very far from completion. But I’ll update you all when I am done.