Watching VS Playing; Adventure Games is it the same thing?

So recently I’ve started watching Detroit Become Human on YouTube (I like the commentary whilst I watch a game, so Jacsepticeye is this time’s gamer of choice). This is a game I’ve been excited for since it first was teased as part of E3 2016 by PlayStation.

A brief background on the game;

Detroit among us is about a time, set in the future where self driving cars are the norm and the same with segregation between androids and humans. Set in Detroit, a city that was once up and coming, but now faded to just your average America city.

Due to not having a playstation 4 myself I choose to watch it via YouTube, however I posed this question to the fellow writers of Quixotic and they said they don’t really see a difference between watching a story based game online or playing it themselves, and the same goes for buying. When posed what game a friend should buy, I suggested Detroit but they said they don’t see the point in buying a game for something that they will only play once and then just put down. Unless it was a multiplayer game, they didn’t see the point in paying full price for a game.


The Difference

When watching someone play a choice based game, you feel partly disconnected and not being held for the choices made. So if you choose to lie to the Android in an attempt to save a little girls life, if something goes wrong it would be shocking but you wouldn’t feel responsible. Although you don’t have to pay for it, you also miss out on that sense of interactivity.


However when playing something you feel more connected to the characters and the choices you have to make. Gives it more a sense of consiquence to your actions as apposed to being a passenger to someone elses ride/ story. So in that sense I would say it worth the price tag to write your own story with the selected characters and also show support to the developers and creators behind the game.

However the choice to buy and play are subjective, so let us know what you think by tweeting us & following us for even more great content!



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