I Play To Win! A D.va Makeup Tutorial!

Hello once again guys! Morgan here with another cosplay themed makeup tutorial! Today I’ll be showing you how to do D.va’s makeup from Overwatch!

This look is really simple but I would recommend having a reference photo open for the eyeliner and the pink triangles!

Products used: (as always feel free to use what you already have!)

  • Revolution Pro – Full coverage camouflage foundation – shade F3
  • Revolution – Ghost Finish powder
  • Morphe – 35C palette – discontinued but 35B has similar shades – used a dark copper brown and a peach colour
  • NYX – Love Contours All palette – shades 1 (light cream), 11 (pink toned highlight) and 12 (cool toned brown)
  • Barry M – Make Me Blush cream – shade Raspberry Charlotte
  • Miss Beauty – liquid liner
  • Barry M – Showgirl mascara
  • Snazaroo – red and white paint (I mixed these to make pink, Snazaroo also do a pre-mixed pink that would work just as well)
  • NYX – High Voltage lipstick – shade 19 (a pinky peach shade)
  • No. 7 – High Shine lip gloss – shade Ice

Step 1:

  • Starting with a clean, moisturised face.
  • I popped my contacts in first!
  • I applied the Revolution Pro full coverage camouflage foundation using a large oval brush.
  • I applied quite a lot of foundation because I wanted a really full coverage look.
  • Top tip: if you’re wearing this to a convention, what looks like over the top makeup to you, won’t look over the top on camera! Feel free to add a little more foundation and blush than you’re used to!

Step 2:

  • Using the Revolution Ghost Finish powder, I set the foundation.
  • I only used a little powder and lightly dusted it with a fluffy brush.

Step 3:

  • D.va’s brows are a lot darker than my own so I used a dark copper shade to match the reddish tint of her hair.
  • I used an angled brush and sprayed it with setting spray before using it for more precise lines.
  • I started by drawing a line on the top and bottom of the brow then filled in the rest with hair-like strokes.

Step 4:

  • To contour I used the cool toned brown from the Nyx Love Contours All palette and an angled contour brush.
  • I blended the brown below my cheekbones and also defined my chin as my chin is pretty much non-existent!
  • Make sure when you’re doing jaw contour to blend into your neck otherwise you’ll look like you have a chin strap!

Step 5:

  • For blush I used the Barry M Make Me Blush cream in Raspberry Charlotte.
  • I applied more blush than usual so it would show on photos.
  • I used the pink toned highlight from the Nyx Love Contours All palette and a fan brush and highlighted my cheekbones and nose.

Step 6:

  • Using a fluffy brush and the light cream colour from the Nyx Love Contours All palette, I applied this all the way up to my brow as a base.
  • Then I went in with a peach colour from the Morphe 35C palette.
  • I applied this just up to the crease as D.va doesn’t have any noticeably bright eyeshadow.

Step 7:

  • I’m not really sure where I got this white liner from which is why I didn’t include it in my product list, I usually use the Nyx Jumbo pencil in Milk but I couldn’t find it.
  • I applied the white eyeliner to my waterline to enlarge my eyes.
  • The eyeliner is the hardest to explain but I’ll try my best!
  • I’d recommend having a reference image so you can see the shape of the liner we’re going to do.
  • D.va has quite thick liner towards the inner corner so I built this up heavily.
  • The outer corner I extended down lower than my bottom last line and added two flicks to the outer edge to mimic her bottom lashes.
  • This may take a few attempts but don’t worry! Practice makes perfect!
  • Then I added mascara and moved onto the pink triangles!

Step 8:

  • Keep your reference photo open for this bit too!
  • I mixed Snazaroo white and red paint, they do a pre-mixed pink which would work really well too!
  • I started by dotting 3 dots for the corners of the triangle and joining them with a thin paint brush.
  • Then when I was happy with the placement I filled it in with a lip brush.

Step 9:

  • Then I used the Nyx High Voltage lipstick in this peachy pink shade to apply a little to my lips.
  • I then smudged this out with my finger to give my lips a subtle peach tint.
  • I then used a clear lip gloss over the top and we’re done!

Just pop on your wig and costume and you’re good to go!

Thanks again for reading guys and I’ll see you again next week!

Blessed be ~