E3 Conference Finale – Nintendo

Closing out E3 presentations this week we had Nintendo, did their presentation smash it out of the park?! Or were we left feeling KO’d?

The presentation started with a pretty awesome looking Mech game, which looked fairly fun called Daemon X Machina, coming 2019. Following this was the reveal of a story trailer for the Xenoblade Chronicles upcoming DLC Torna ~ The Golden Country which launches in September this year.

Then we were given the exciting announcement that Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee’s Pokeball Plus would come with a Pokemon, Mew! Following this we got the exciting announcement of Super Mario Party which will bring a new Mario Party experience to Nintendo Switch on October 5th.

We then got an announcement of the new Fire Emblem game. Fire Emblem Three Houses which will be coming 2019.

Then the announcement everyone already knew but was finally confirmed, which was Fortnite on Nintendo Switch will be dropping Today! (10pm BST)

Following that the announcement of Overcooked! 2 will be hitting switch on August 7th, then we got some other Nindie’s such as Killer Queen Black and Hollow Knight (Launching today). Then a show real of various games being launched on Switch was shown such as Starlink, Arena of Valor, Mario Rabbids DLC, PIXARK, Just Dance 2019, Dragonball Fighter Z, Ninjola, Ark: Survival Evolved and The World Ends with you.

After this the big one came, they spent the rest of the presentation talking about Super Smash Bros for Switch, which they have dubbed. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The games major selling point is that they have included every character from previous games, giving it the biggest roster possible. Sakurai did hint that not many more characters will be joining the roster however, he then did go onto give us the exciting announcement that Ridley will be joining the battle! Below is the 25 minute presentation on Smash! Smash will be dropping on December 7th.

All in all, whilst I am excitied about Smash, the presentation did feel like it was lacking in key announcements, there was no sign of Metroid Prime 4 and they didn’t show us any new big announcements, I was hoping Nintendo was going to announce more but all in all Smash was a big win for them so!

Across all of E3 my sentiments are somewhat the same. Whilst I had personal announcements that excited me like Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition and the announcement of Smash Bros Ultimate I feel like most of E3 this year was just somewhat… lackluster, let’s hope the individual announcements across the year deliver in a stronger way and let’s see what the next year gives us! From me this E3, thank you for reading and have a good gaming year! Also special thanks to Sam for doing all my editing these past few days! 🙂