E3 – Square Enix, Ubisoft & Sony

The third set of conferences is here and I’m here to give you all the information and exploits from them, first up was the Square Enix conference!

Square Enix

Overall this conference was actually fairly lackluster, primarily because most of it was already seen at either earlier trailers or during the Microsoft Conference.

The Stormblight Final Fantasy XIV trailers and new content looks cool. The Monster Hunter colab adds to it. Games that had trailers previously were Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer, Nier Automata on Xbox One. The new Dragon Quest game (Dragon Quest XI) looks cool and Babylons Fall is also interestng. Octopath Traveler had a slightly updated trailer but nothing new was in it. Just Cause 4 looks fun but then we saw that at the Microsoft Conference yesterday. The main game that got my attention was actually right at the beginning with the new Tomb Raider game with it’s stealth gameplay shown off. All in all, an alright showing but mainly just trailers.


Ubisoft’s conference was a little more interesting, starting off with Just Dance which is launching on all current gen consoles and the Wii and Wii U this October. Beyond Good and Evil 2 was then shown, the space opera looks impressive and fun, I’m looking forward to giving this game a good go when it launches.

Rainbow Six Seige is also getting a film which sounds interesting, Trails Rising which is a bike stunt game, where you complete levels by not dieing, looks like a fun and satisfying game to play and it’s coming to all current gen consoles next February.

The Division 2 got a little more time with a new trailer, showing off the gritty story of a post social collapse America. Following the gritty drama we were treated to the pleasent suprise of Mario Rabids Kingdom Battle: Donkey Kong Adventure which is new DLC coming June 26th and looks pretty cool!

Then we got a trailer for Skull and Bones, which looks like Assassins Creed Black Flag pirate gameplay with multiplayer elements. The game releases 2019 and looks like a good laugh but I don’t know if it’ll beat Sea of Thieves.

Following this Elijah Wood came on stage to talk about their exciting new Horror story game called Transference. Built for VR (And other devices too). The games trailer was fairly sppoky but looked pretty interesting.

Then we got to see Starlink, the space adventure style game with optional Toys-to-life elements. The game had a nice and exciting new trailer that finished with the reveal of a Starfox Crossover. Do a barrel roll!

For Honor is getting a free starter edition launching for this week only (E3 week) but also the announcement of a new Expansion called Marching Fire, which features new types of fights as well as a 4v4 castle siege mode. This expansion drops on October 16th.

The Crew 2 is getting a beta on June 21st for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC which is cool but nothing else was really shown for it other than a trailer showing the different types of vechiles you can use. Finally we were treated to an exciting trailer and gameplay demo of Assassins Creed Odyssey. Set in Aincent Greece, the game has multiple choice story telling and new features like a big battle mode.

Sony – Playstation

Finally we had Sony’s Conference. Starting off with gameplay of The Last of Us Part II. The action adventure horror game sequal looks very exciting. Still nothing on a release date for this game.

New maps for Black Ops 3 were then shown as a preorder bonus for Black ops 4, which was… odd. Following that a few small spot lights. Then a new VR game, which looked fairly cute called Ghost Giant. A rhythm game with light sabres. Then a trailer for the Destiny 2 DLC Forsaken (coming September 4th). The next game shown was Ghost of Tsushima, an open world game with oriental stylisation looked fairly cool, the graphics were fairly incredible and the game play somewhat reminded me of Breath of the Wild and a very cinematic feel to the whole demo.

After a few flashing lights a game from Remedy called Control was shown, the game gave me a little Psychopass vibe but with telekenisis, then we got a trailer for the Resident Evil 2 remake coming January 25th 2019. Then a new game from Squaunch games and the co creator’s of Rick and Morty. It looked… odd, but very R&M. Trevor saves the universe coming to PS4.

Then a trailer for the Pirates of the Caribbean aspects of Kingdom Hearts III and a shiny special edition PS4 covered in Kingdom Hearts art.

As well as a bundle game of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD + Kingdom Heats 2.5 HD + Kingdom Hearts 2.8 + Kingdom Hearts 3, if you really want to start the series now. After this a trailer for Hideo Kojima’s new game Death Stranding.

Following the very cinematic Death Stranding, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja showed off Nioh 2. Following this an exciting trailer for the Spiderman game for PS4.

Finishing off the show was a new VR game by From Software.

All in all this finishes off the 3rd day of Conferences. Honestly, today wasn’t as exciting as the day before. Square Enix was a down right dissapointment, Ubisofts was okay and Sony’s was just as per usual so many games that we won’t have in our hands for years. Nintendo tomorrow to finish out the week!