5 Aesthetically Pleasing Moments In Black Panther

Okay so we all agree that Black Panther was incredible… right?

But when I sat down in those comfy seats to watch it yet again, it got me thinking, why. What is it that makes Black Panther so good? Is it the storyline? I mean, yeah the Lion King is good but it’s not just that. Is it the acting and the eye widening Michael B. Jordan? Maybe but them why was Fantastic Four such a flop?

As a media based student, I think what made Black Panther so appealing to me was the visuals and I don’t just mean the big dramatic CGI stuff. I mean the camera rolls, the wide shots and the all so important close ups (read: Erik Killmonger.)

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So, I’ve put in a couple of scenes for you to pay attention to when that all important DVD release comes around.

The bit where T’Challa and Killmonger fight for the Black Panther.

I think it’s important to note how visually the camera work excels in this scene. You might not actually notice it but with the cameras moving so fast, your heart paces a little faster, making you more on edge to see what’s going to happen.

Source: marvel

The bit in the club. 

Probably one of the funniest, most exciting and certainly filled with the best song on the soundtrack scene. The club scene is really a turning point in black panther, as is the scene that follows it, (I’ll get to that.) For me, this is when the film actually started to pick up pace and visually, it’s pretty sick.

Source : marvel

The bit with the car chase. 

The trailer kinda gave a lot of this away, but this scene really emphasises the technology in Wakanda and the studios ability to design these concepts and make them “real”. Shuri’s tech when the car scene is happening is really well shot, and combined with the stunts and action, it’s a really brushed over scene as it’s almost over and done with and forgotten about fairly quickly.

Source: marvel

The bit on the ancestral planes. 

If not the best part of the film was this, okay maybe that’s because I love animals and especially big cats! But it’s visually stunning too, you’re taken to a world within a world and it’s pretty damn incredible! If that’s not reason enough to go grab the BP DVD then I don’t know what is!

The “Hey Auntie” bit. 

Source: marvel

Okay so maybe not the “Hey Auntie” bit but, you know the bit where Killmonger has just been made the Black Panther and the camera spins. Yup that’s my favourite couple of seconds of BP ever!

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