E3 – Microsoft & Bethesda

The second conferences are Microsoft and Bethesda! talking about the different games and announcements that came from here.

I will be abridging the smaller announcements and titles out of this and picking out the biggest announcements as talking about 2 articles in here will end up going on forever otherwise.

Halo Infinite was the first game showed off to the world, the new Halo game will be an Xbox One Exclusive and now has Rhinos!

Ori and the Will of the Wisps then got another trailer dated for 2019. I’m still really excited about this game. After that a trailer ran for a new From Software game called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Square Enix then showed off a new game in the Life is Strange universe called The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Then the Terry Crews Game.. I mean Crackdown 3 was shown to us.

Following a few more title we saw a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 showing off the Frozen kingdom, Wreck-It Ralph, Monsters Inc, Toy Story and Tangled on the Xbox One.

Then some updates for Sea of Thieves were shown off. Then another trailer for Battlefield V which we’d already seen most of and then we got a world premier trailer for Forza Horizon 4 coming in October 2018.

After a little discussion about a new studios and others joining Microsoft, We h
Happy Few’s new trailer was shown off with a release date of August 10th.

After a trailer from PUBG, a new trailer for Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition was shown, as a huge lover of this series I was VERY happy with this.

After this The Division 2 had a video presentation and some gameplay shown.

After a few more games we got Just Cause 4 trailer

and in between a few more games we all found excitement in Cyberpunk 2077 created by CD Projekt Red, a game people have been waiting for, for years is coming!

The Microsoft conference ended with a bang and was more exciting than I expected (more Tales games) now let’s move on to what Bethesda have to offer!

Bethesda showed off a lot in their show including more of Fallout 76, updates to Elder Scrolls Online and Quake Champions. Of course that wasn’t the only announcements we were given. The first big one was…

Elder Scrolls VI is in development and it looks beautiful. The game had a visual feel to games like Monster Hunter World and the expansive world is breathtaking.

Bethesda also announced Starfield, a new space epic currently in development, whilst we didn’t get to see a lot of this game it certainly conjured up some images befitting an odyssey around the great expanse.

DOOOOOOM! Doom Eternal was announced as a sequel to 2015 Doom, I still need to pick up 2015 Doom myself but from the little I’ve played I am very excited for this game.

And finally, the game remaster everyone was waiting for it. It took the worlds breath away with it’s breath taking platform announcement. But Skyrim. Is. Coming. To. Alexa.

(this might be the best E3 joke ever)

Well that’s it really for my round up of E3’s Microsoft and Bethesda conference. Honestly I didn’t expect to be so overwhelmed and happy this early on. The conferences I expected to bore me the most ended up being the most exciting.

Thanks for reading and I hope you look forward to the rest of E3 week.