LUSH: Avobath

It’s been a fair while really since I’ve been able to have a bath, and although I still have a healing tattoo, I couldn’t resist going into LUSH and getting some treats to use whilst I was in Swansea!

As always the ever so helpful staff in there convinced me into buying way, WAY, more than my anticipated one or two bath bombs… £40 later I’m strolling out with hair products, face masks and the ever so needed bath bombs. Which I’ll pace myself through over the next month or so, Quixotic will be smelling nice once again!

Now, I know fair well I’ve already used Avobath, but I couldn’t remember actually reviewing it! And, if I remember right, I didn’t actually like it! Which is strange because I absolutely love Avocados! So I thought I’d give it another go!

And I must have been mistaken, I really love this bath bomb! It has a nice strong colour that looks lush in the bath. It has a glitter element too which is really noticeable and adds to the water. Although not very visually appealing when it’s spherical shape it’s transformed when it’s in the bath water and it’s really quite surprising.

When it comes down to smell though, I feel this is where this bathbomb falls. It’s very citrusy and it doesn’t really match the colours, at least not to me. The bathbomb is doing wonders though for the skin! Avocado oils are supposed to be really nice on the skin and one of the better options when it comes to oil to skin combos. It’s also vegan! Which is naturally a win-win situation. There’s also tiny bits of avocado in it too! 🥑

Regardless of the smell, I really rate this bath bomb and although still not beating Rocket Science to the top spot of my LUSH faves I’d put it in my top 5! And best thing? It’s available all year! Unlike those pesky Christmas editions!

I really recommend trying this, head to either your local LUSH store or buy it here online for £3.50