Englishman in South Korea – Prologue

Yesterday, after 15 hours of travelling, I stepped off the Finnair plane that had been my home for the most part of the day and suddenly, just like that, I was in Korea. I’ve come to visit my girlfriend, who is Korean, and so am spending the next three months here relying solely on her to make sure I don’t order anything I wouldn’t normally eat – I’m looking at you “still-moving” octopus legs.

I figured, to break from the monotony of recommending older films that I love, I would take this invaluable opportunity to tell you of any interesting things that I experience while I’m over here struggling to order a coffee without running for help.

Jet lag struck me fairly hard right after I arrived yesterday, I had left Finland (where I stopped over from London) at about 5pm and arrived in Korea at 8am local time which means that my body completely skipped the nighttime. This meant that my Friday/Saturday was one 40 hour long monstrosity and come midday I was gone. A short nap later, I had a bit of a second wind and we were finally able to leave the house and pick up some groceries and get some dinner.

I forgot to take a photo my chicken last night so here’s some I made earlier! Korean Fried Chicken is actually one of the few recipes I can make confidently

KFC (Korean Fried Chicken in this case) was very welcome although my hubris betrayed me once I bit into the spicy chicken I had bought. It took me a very long time to work my through that, especially as it comes with chopsticks! Eating chicken on the bone with chopsticks is an art form that I feel will take a long time to master.

One of the things that a lot of people notice about the far east is the dust masks that a lot people wear while going about their daily business. I have been told that the air in Seoul can get very bad sometimes (either from pollution or dust from the Gobi desert blowing over) and so am expecting that I will probably have to wear a mask at some point. Luckily, and very surreally, the fried chicken came with a complimentary mask. I have no idea why but I’ll make good use of that.

And with that short paragraph, we come up to date. I’ll be back in about a week’s time with quite a bit more to talk about so in the meantime take care of yourselves.