My Top 10 Favourite Albums Of All Time #10: Weathered By Creed

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Album Information

Name: Weathered

Artist: Creed

Release Date: 20th November 2001

Genre: Alternative Rock/Metal

Creed: Scott Stapp: Vocals. Mark Tremonti: Guitar/Bass. Scott Phillips: Drums/Keyboards

Hello, everyone, it’s Lewis here, now this is my first review of my Top 10 Favourite Albums Of All Time, counting down from 10 to 1, and that doesn’t mean 10 is my least favourite or anything like that, it means that it’s one of my favourites, but one of those albums that is by a band that a lot of people people don’t like as Creed are one of the ‘most hated’ bands along with Nickelback, Seether, Hinder, Theory Of A Deadman, Buckcherry, Three Days Grace, Puddle Of Mudd and Limp Bizkit etc. Which for me, I don’t mind listening to all those bands, and Nickelback are one of my favourites there, except Buckcherry, Limp Bizkit and Puddle Of Mudd, except for POM’s hit song ‘Blurry’, which I like as a song, and those other bands, I actually can’t stand, along with Simple Plan, which I never liked, but for my sake, I like Creed, and if they weren’t as good, I wouldn’t have bothered to pick this album up last year, and despite it was out 17 years earlier, I really like it, and I downloaded their other three albums earlier this year too, and I do like them, even though I think that some of their songs might have been better written, they are still good and even though ‘Weathered’ which I am reviewing here, is my favourite of the lot, followed by ‘Full Circle’ (2009), ‘Human Clay’ (1999) and ‘My Own Prison’ (1997), and with only four albums, it’s was easy to just listen to them all in just one day, like I did before, except for the songs I haven’t got from the Retrospective Collection yet, however I am reviewing this album, by going Track By Track and tell you why this album is one of my favourites and it’s at #10 on the list:

Track By Track Review

1. Bullets

This album opener starts with someone talking for 40 seconds and then it kicks in very strong and this is actually one of those Creed songs that is one of those Alternative Metal type of songs, with its heavy guitar riffs and strong drum beats and Scott Stapp’s strong vocals, and I always like to head bang to this song every time I play it, it makes for a good song.

2. Freedom Fighter

This song is one of those songs that is incredibly short for a Creed album. However I love the guitar on this song, along with Stapp’s vocals, and even though ‘Full Circle’ has some songs where Stapp’s vocals are so much stronger than on this song, this one makes me want to rock on, but as it’s a short one, it leaves me wanting a bit more, but however, this is a great song.

3. Who’s Got My Back?

Well, where to begin with this one? This song is not one of my favourite songs from this album as it’s length is just nearly eight and a half minutes! Even though normally, longer songs are good, when the instrumentation and lyrics work wonders, bands like Metallica, Eagles or even like Green Day, who did Jesus Of Suburbia for example, this type of style works well but this song, doesn’t even have that sort of instrumentation and even though it’s an alright song, it gets pretty boring, really fast. It picks up well at the end, but it takes over four and a half minutes to get to that bit, but I don’t always come back to this one very often.

4. Signs

OK, well, this song isn’t as boring as ‘Who’s Got My Back?’ but I don’t like all the lyrics in this song, because some of them have lines that I shouldn’t repeat here, and I understand that if you don’t listen to the song for the lyrics, but I listen to it on your own precaution and don’t get caught out singing along to it, and I mean it, DON’T! It’s OK at times, but I would listen to this in the background while I am doing something, however, I would rather play this song with my headphones on and just sing it in my head.

5. One Last Breath

Now, this is one of my favourite songs from the album, in fact it’s one of my favourite Creed songs along with some others, but I love the guitar and drums on this track, and Stapp’s vocals do deliver this song rather well. This song does have very deep and dark moments, but I don’t listen to it like that, and even though, this song sounds like a song that either Nickelback or even Puddle Of Mudd could do, because they released albums in 2001, with ‘Silver Side Up’ and ‘Come Clean’ around similar times to this album. This song is good and even though it doesn’t hit the top spot, it is a fantastic song to listen to.

6. My Sacrifice

Now, this is my favourite song off the album and my top favourite Creed song, and I heard this song properly over the course of 2016-17, until I picked the album up, last year. However, this song is related to me, because in my life, I sacrificed myself a lot of times to do a lot of things, even to sacrifice my tiredness as of working shifts and doing some voluntary stuff in my own time, even sacrificed stuff for family and friends in different places, however I do have my own life to live and happy to move on to do my own things. I love the guitars and everything else on this song. However, I believe Stapp’s vocals do it brilliantly and it counts for the best song on the album.

7. Stand Here With Me

Now, I do like this song, with its instrumentation and how well it’s produced, and the lyrics are alright too, but it’s the chorus that bugs me a bit on this song, because there are artists who can do falsetto really well, but Scott Stapp is not one of them, and there isn’t much there in it, because it’s just the title and a few no, no, yeahs in each chorus, and it isn’t annoying as such, but there just isn’t enough of it. It’s better at the end of the song, but this isn’t a bad song.

8. Weathered

I actually like this song, for the title track, and sometimes, many title tracks are the best songs on many albums, and it goes as my top favourite Creed songs and I give credit where it’s due, because it is only five and a half minutes, and I wished that ‘Who’s Got My Back?’ was like that, at that time, and even though it’s quite close to ‘My Sacrifice’ and ‘One Last Breath’, as a favourite off this album, too, it doesn’t top them much, but I feel that this song is really good and it flows well.

9. Hide

I do like this song as well, and it’s actually one of the softer songs on this album, and I love Stapp’s vocals on it, as they don’t go as high and it takes me right out of it as it did on ‘Stand Here With Me’ and ‘Signs’ even, and the lyrics are the most nicest of the whole album in my view, and I feel like this one will help you, with all your issues, or whatever, like it did for me. The guitar on this song feels more quieter and not as heavy, like on many of the others, but it doesn’t top ‘My Sacrifice’ as a favourite, but it is in the top favourite Creed songs list.

10. Don’t Stop Dancing

This song for me, is OK, not bad at all. It’s quite soft like it is on ‘Hide’ and I don’t have any problems with the lyrics, at all. This might not be a popular song, but it is good to almost close the album with something soft and then it picks up in the middle and the guitar solo, is one of the best solos on this whole album. It also on the last bit on the song has a female backing vocalist too, as a nice surprise, to it, and this song is a great way to almost end the album.

11. Lullaby

Now, this song, well, I have heard different artists that have done songs called ‘Lullaby’ over the years, like The Courteeners, The Cure, Nickelback, Starsailor, and even the classical Brahm’s Lullaby etc. and they are not the same songs, obviously, except Brahm’s, which has been covered by many classical artists like Katherine Jenkins, Bryn Terful and Faryl Smith etc. but Creed’s idea of Lullaby, is more of an acoustic number that closes the album nicely, but I have a feeling that there is a flaw in it. I normally think of a Lullaby as if there is some warmth and comfort, and maybe a safe haven in my mind, but I can’t seem to feel that in this song, as the song feels more about love, rather than comfort. It’s an OK song to close the album, but it feels quite disjointed and does feel like it’s a bit off, but it’s not too bad.

Final Thoughts:

OK, so there you have it, my review of Weathered by Creed. The album for me, is one of my favourites as there are many good songs worth checking out, and even though ‘My Sacrifice’ is possibly the most popular song on it, this album is worth having for that song. It’s starts off strong and sometimes it does get a bit lost in places, but this album, I don’t feel that it’s too bad, despite the fact that Creed are labelled as one of the worst rock bands ever, I still enjoy listening to this album and even though there are two or three songs, I am not particularly keen on, it is still one of my favourite albums, I keep playing every now and again. If you want to check this album and the other Creed albums out, they are available on iTunes, Apple Music or Spotify if you want to check them out, and even though some people are quite polarising with this band and maybe a majority of people have possibly not heard of them, they are pretty good in my opinion.

I am going to give the rating of this album: 7/10

Thanks a lot for reading and if you want to check this album out, buy on iTunes or stream on Apple Music and Spotify if you need too. Or even buy on CD if given a chance, and if it’s available. If you like to follow me on Twitter, check me out @lewcarty and on Instagram: lewisclancarty and I will follow you back if you want me too.

Anything I can do to improve my presentation, I am all ears, and I hope this review is pretty good. I’m Lewis, and I hope to see you next time on Quixotic!!!