A Super Easy Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial!

Hi guys! It’s Morgan here and I’m passionate about showing people that awesome makeup can be simple and affordable! Today I’m doing a really simple Harley makeup tutorial.

I based it on her more classical looks rather than Suicide Squad but I might give that a go in future! Anyway moving onto the tutorial!

Products Used (these are just what I used, feel free to use whatever works for you or what you already have!):

  • Snazaroo water based paints in White and Black – £3.99 each
  • Nyx Love Contours All palette (shades 11, an icy highlight, and 12, a cool toned brown) – between £10 and £18 depending where you buy from
  • Revolution Ghost Finish Baking Powder (you can replace this for talc!) – £5
  • Barry M Make Me Blush Cream (shade Raspberry Charlotte) – between £3 and £4
  • Morphe 35C palette (Black for eyeshadow and light brown for eyebrows) – discontinued but 35B has similar shades – £23 for 35 shades!
  • Miss Beauty liquid liner (my fave eyeliner and it’s from the poundshop!) – £1!!!
  • Barry M Showgirl mascara – £4.99
  • Revolution Dragons Dare lipstick (shade Dragons Blood) – £4

Step 1:

  • Start with a makeup-free moisturised face.
  • I popped my contacts in now just because my eyes are very watery so this gave them a chance to calm down!
  • Spray your Snazaroo white face paint with some water and use a sponge to apply to the face.
  • Apply by dabbing, not dragging, the sponge around the face.
  • Create a thin layer of white paint, don’t worry if it looks patchy for now!

Step 2:

  • Take the Ghost Finish powder (or talc) and a fluffy brush and apply liberally to the face.
  • Start by patting the powder to the paint and then brush off any excess lightly.
  • Top tip: after this stage I like to spray my face with a fine mist of hairspray to create a barrier over the paint and stop it from cracking.

Step 3:

  • Time to contour! Take an angled brush and shade 12 from the Love Contours All palette.
  • Lightly run the brush under your cheekbones, if this gets too dark brush over some more white powder to tone it down.

Step 4:

  • I add blush and highlight to pretty much every look I do, feel free to skip if this isn’t your cup of tea!
  • I used the Make Me Blush cream and a blush brush just above my contour and on the tip of my nose.
  • For highlight, I used a fan brush and shade 11 from the Love Contours all palette to highlight the top of the cheekbones. You won’t notice much colour difference but I love adding a little shimmer!

Step 5:

  • We all know Harley isn’t a natural blonde, so I chose a light brown shade to fill my brows.
  • Top tip: I spray my eyebrow brush with setting spray before using it to create stronger lines.
  • Start with a harsh line on the bottom and top of the brows and fill in with gentle hair like strokes, especially towards the nose.

Step 6:

  • Now for the eyeshadow! Use a dense packing brush and the darkest black from the Morphe 35C palette.
  • Pack this onto your lid, don’t worry about it being messy, we’re gonna blend it out in a minute.
  • Try to keep it to your lid as much as possible, try not to go past the crease.

Step 7:

  • Use a fluffy brush to blend the crease and make the lines less harsh.
  • I also blended a little black under the eye using the same brush I used to pack the colour on previously.
  • As for the eyeliner, create a wing by following the angle of your bottom lash line.
  • Flick this out a little and join it to your top lash line.
  • Don’t worry if its not perfect, black eyeshadow can hide a million sins!
  • Apply mascara and your eyes are done!

Step 8:

  • Take the black Snazaroo paint and a lip brush.
  • Spray the paint with a little water and outline your lips with the black.
  • This will look very silly at first but I promise it’ll look great in a second!!

Step 9:

  • Take the Dragons Blood lipstick and apply to the lips.
  • When applying, focus on blending the black into the red.
  • This should create a smooth gradient!
  • Pop on your wig and costume and we’re all done!

Thank you so much for reading and happy makeup-ing!

Blessed be 💖