Top 10 Favourite Albums Of All Time

Hello, everyone, it’s Lewis here and I am here to do something that is quite special to me and something easy to get me started in the Quixotic group.

It’s probably safe to say, that everyone has their favourite albums and for the next few weeks I will be posting reviews of my top ten favourite albums of all time and if it’s successful, I will post some more favourite albums that didn’t make the list and are just honourable mentions, and they are albums I do like and listen to every now and again, and do a favourite classic albums of all time list, and I will do some more lists of my favourite bands and singers, and do some reviews on albums that have not been the best albums I have heard, and I despise that when that happens. I’ve also included some links to my favourite songs from these albums, just so you can have a listen!

Anyway, on with the list of My Top 10 Favourite Albums of all time with the release dates and track listings of each album, along with the genre of music they are labelled under:

10. Creed – Weathered

Released: November 20th 2001

Genre: Alternative Rock/Metal

Track Listing

  1. Bullets
  2. Freedom Fighter
  3. Who’s Got My Back?
  4. Signs
  5. One Last Breath
  6. My Sacrifice
  7. Stand Here With Me
  8. Weathered
  9. Hide
  10. Don’t Stop Dancing
  11. Lullaby

9. Kings Of Leon – WALLS

Released: October 14th 2016

Genre: Alternative Rock/Indie

Track Listing

  1. Waste A Moment
  2. Reverend
  3. Around The World
  4. Find Me
  5. Over
  6. Muchacho
  7. Conversation Piece
  8. Eyes On You
  9. Wild
  10. Walls

8. Blossoms – Cool Like You

Released: April 27th 2018

Genre: Indie Pop/Rock

Track Listing

  1. There’s A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls)
  2. I Can’t Stand It
  3. Cool Like You
  4. Unfaithful
  5. Stranger Still
  6. How Long Will This Last?
  7. Between The Eyes
  8. I Just Imagined You
  9. Giving Up The Ghost
  10. Lying Again
  11. Love Talk

7. Green Day – American Idiot

Released: September 20th 2004

Genre: Alternative/Punk Rock

Track Listing

  1. American Idiot
  2. Jesus Of Suburbia
  3. Holiday
  4. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  5. Are We The Waiting
  6. St. Jimmy
  7. Give Me Novacaine
  8. She’s A Rebel
  9. Extraordinary Girl
  10. Letterbomb
  11. Wake Me Up When September Ends
  12. Homecoming
  13. Whatsername

6. Stereophonics – Scream Above The Sounds

Released: October 27th 2017

Genre: Alternative Rock

Track Listing

  1. Caught By The Wind
  2. Taken A Tumble
  3. What’s All The Fuss About?
  4. Geronimo
  5. All In One Night
  6. Chances Are
  7. Before Anyone Knew Our Name
  8. Would You Believe?
  9. Cryin’ In Your Beer
  10. Boy On A Bike
  11. Elevators

5. Fightstar – One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours

Released: September 24th 2007

Genre: Alternative Rock/Metal

Track Listing

  1. 99
  2. We Apologise For Nothing
  3. Floods
  4. One Day Son
  5. Deathcar
  6. I Am The Message
  7. You And I
  8. Amaze Us
  9. H.I.P. (Enough)
  10. Tannhauser Gate
  11. Our Last Common Ancestor
  12. Unfamiliar Ceilings

4. Nickelback – Feed The Machine

Released: June 16th 2017

Genre: Alternative Rock/Metal

Track Listing

  1. Feed The Machine
  2. Coin For The Ferryman
  3. Song On Fire
  4. Must Be Nice
  5. After The Rain
  6. For The River
  7. Home
  8. The Betrayal (Act III)
  9. Silent Majority
  10. Every Time Were Together
  11. The Betrayal (Act I)

3. Busted – Night Driver

Released: November 25th 2016

Genre: Pop

Track Listing

  1. Coming Home
  2. Night Driver
  3. On What You’re On
  4. New York
  5. Thinking Of You
  6. Without It
  7. One Of A Kind
  8. I Will Break Your Heart
  9. Kids With Computers
  10. Easy
  11. Out Of Our Minds
  12. Those Days Are Gone

2. Bon Jovi – This House Is Not For Sale

Released/Re-released: November 4th 2016/February 23rd 2018

Genre: Rock

Track Listing: (Original Release)

  1. This House Is Not For Sale
  2. Living With The Ghost
  3. Knockout
  4. Labour Of Love
  5. Born Again Tomorrow
  6. Roller Coaster
  7. New Year’s Day
  8. The Devil’s In The Temple
  9. Scars On This Guitar
  10. God Bless This Mess
  11. Reunion
  12. Come On Up To Our House

Track Listing: (Deluxe Edition/Re-released Edition)

  1. When We Were Us
  2. Walls
  3. Real Love
  4. All Hail The King
  5. We Don’t Run
  6. I Will Drive You Home
  7. Goodnight New York

(Please Note that the songs on the original Deluxe Release were originally tracked 13-17, and the Re-released Edition at 1 and 2, 15-19)

1. Charlie Simpson – Long Road Home

Released: August 4th 2014

Genre: Pop/Folk Rock

Track Listing

  1. Long Road Home
  2. Comets
  3. Winter Hymns
  4. Emily
  5. Haunted
  6. Would You Love Me Any Less
  7. Ten More Days
  8. Blood
  9. Still Young
  10. Forty Thieves
  11. Another Year
  12. Wait For Me
  13. Crosses

So there you have it, my Top 10 Favourite Albums of all time and if you like to follow with your favourite albums and like me to do more Top 10 lists, like classic albums, favourite bands and singers and even my least favourite albums or whatever and I am always welcome for more content! I hope you’ve enjoyed my first post for Quixotic!