SHINee say “Good Evening” in colourful new music video

Source: SM Entertainment

Having recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary since their debut; SHINee are finally back, back, back with a new MV!

The long-awaited comeback has definitely been received by the fans as in just two days the music video has already been viewed over 5 million times.

SHINee’s songs are always a breath of fresh air; consisting of a catchy chorus, beat and of course the amazing choreography – honestly they don’t mess around!

There have been many fan theories regarding the music video itself and what certain scenes and objects may symbolise, however I want to go into more detail in a separate post so please keep an eye out!

The single is part of their sixth full-length album “The Story of Light EP.1” with other tracks including “All Day All Night,” “Undercover,” “JUMP,” and “You & I.”

There will be a total of three episodes in their new album with the second and third parts to be released on June 11 and 25 according to SM Entertainment.

SHINee Good Evening
Source: SM Entertainment

After the passing of their lead vocalist Kim Jonghyun last December, this album reminds us of how far they have come even if it is tinged with sadness.

When the news broke of his passing I didn’t want to accept it, as SHINee was one of the groups that made me fall in love with K-Pop and was a big part of my childhood.

It took some time for it to all sink in, but after a few months I was able to listen to their music without breaking down into tears because instead of being sad I wanted to enjoy the times they were together as five and that they will always be one true five no matter what.


So if you want to show SHINee your support, check out their new music video “Good Evening” below!

You never know, you might just find yourself becoming a part of SHINee World (the fandom) as well!