5 Inexpensive Holiday Destinations For 2018

It’s come round again, the holiday period and so why not write about 5 fantastic places I want to visit this year (that won’t burn a hole or explode your bank account). This list has been inspired from simple things such as books and films, whether it’s painted in words or background scenery, it would be that in one way or another it managed to steal my heart.

  1. Amsterdam
    Source; https://bit.ly/2L0tM3p

    I admit this is all because ‘The Fault in our Stars’ by John Green (if you haven’t read it yet, it’s certainly worth it) but not because of the story but the description. “The trees were like rose seeds flying into the distance, dancing round everything” (a close interpratation of the description of the trees). I also love water, and architecture and Amsterdam is just that a world lost to time.

    This one is cheap due to the fact that I have been told that you only need a few days to really see everything and there are constantly offers on Groupon (something I hope to take advantage of later this year with my other half).


  2.  Lille
    Source; https://bit.ly/2JcbQ8M

    I love when places don’t behave like you would expect them to, if you love exploring culture this city doesn’t stop. It doesn’t pander, nor hault for autographs like the center of france, it just keeps busy with passing traffic and it’s populated out door cafes. I dream of just taking it all in, wandering down and just stopping and listening to it all.

    This one is cheap due to it being the non-typical torist destination, away from the center that is Paris however doesn’t stop you from traveling to other destinations along the way.

  3. Athens
    Source; https://bit.ly/2xiffy7

    There’s nothing like a part of history to take you back. Athens is one of those must visit places, much like Amsterdam and Verona (foreshadowing), this place is all about what it left behind and the visuals it has to offer. The archaic buildings offer a story that is one to be admired and is different to the modern buildings that now stand tall. Whilst beautiful they paint their own history.

    If you like long walks, for the benefit of breathtaking views and fancy plotting your own course, this might be the holiday for you. Especially worth it, if you manage to get a view like the one above.

  4. Verona

    This one needed two pictures because it’s two things that lock together and you just can’t have the one without talking about the other.

    They say that Paris is the city of love, I painfully have to disagree. What’s more romanic than the classic Shakespearian treasure that is ‘Romeo & Juliet’. Although yes (spoilers) it is a love that kills them, but none the less it is still one of the most famous love stories. Now I love a bit of hopeless romance (as I myself am a hopeless romanic) so the idea of just standing where Juliet herself stood whilst someone declares love just warms my cheese covered heart.

    This holiday dream is not just purely because of William Shakespear, but the work of the film ‘Letters to Juliet’ not only a brilliant love story but a tour guide of the must see locations in Italy (another must see)!

  5. Barcelona
Source; https://bit.ly/2saPuLi

Before I tell you what inspired this (Disney related of course), it’s more about the different settings and the music. When I think of Barcelona I think of the guitars and busking in the streets and a world away from one unlike my own (Wales, open green hills and hidden valleys). 

Barcelona isn’t one for known to be cheap however again deals can be found on Groupon and the food is one of the least expensive costs. As for the film that inspired it, ‘Cheetah Girls 2’ in my opinion it is the best of the films but it sticks to the same Disney Original Foruma (the group starts together, gets torn apart by a boy and then reunited at the end due to a big event that brings them together). The video below shows off the many must see locations in Barcelona (as well as a very formulaic Disney song with the typical key change at the end chorus).

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